How to Fishtail Braid, Tutorial

How to Fishtail Braid

Are you dreaming of achieving a soft and romantic bridal hairstyle that exudes elegance without the fuss? Look no further than this comprehensive tutorial on creating a stunning fishtail braid.

Delve into the world of bridal hair styling as this video breaks down each step of this intricate yet surprisingly simple process.

From adding volume and texture to mastering the art of braiding, this tutorial covers it all, using top-quality hair products to ensure a flawless finish.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a professional hairstylist, or simply someone with a passion for hair styling, this tutorial offers invaluable insights and techniques to help you create a breathtaking look for any formal occasion.

The tutorial is presented by Stephanie Brinkerhoff, a professional hairstylist associated with Hair and Makeup by Steph.

Brinkerhoff explains that despite the intricate appearance, the soft bridal braid is relatively simple to achieve with the right techniques.

She begins by adding volume to the hair using clip-in extensions in the center back for fullness.

Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Brinkerhoff then demonstrates curling the hair using a one and a quarter-inch curling iron, curling away from the face towards the center in the back, leaving the ends straighter for a relaxed look.

Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Throughout the process, she uses Kenra Professional products, specifically mentioning Kenra Platinum Hot Spray 20 as a curling spray and heat protectant, and Kenra Dry Volume Burst 3 for root texture.

Brinkerhoff also incorporates backcombing at the crown for additional volume, securing the style with Kenra Volume Spray 25.

Formal Fishtail Braid

The braiding technique involves twisting and pinning sections of hair, starting from the crown and working down the back, leaving some hair around the face for framing.

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She details how to create the fishtail braid, instructing to gather sections from the sides and bring them together in an elastic at the center back, flipping the braid inside out for a more intricate look.

Soft Bridal Braid Hair

Brinkerhoff suggests deconstructing the braid for a softer appearance, pulling on sections to fill in gaps and wrapping pieces around the elastic to hide it.

She finishes by styling the hair around the face to create a wispy, romantic effect.



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