White Pants Styling Tips For Women

White Pants Styling Women

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This video is discussing white pants styling tips and tricks to avoid looking heavier when wearing these pants.

Here are details about the tips mentioned in the video.

Belt choice: The speaker suggests ditching belts, especially those that need to be tied around the waist, as they add extra fabric and dimension to the waist area, which can be problematic if you already carry weight there. The focus is on asymmetrical tops with a slimming design.

Avoid clingy pants: She advises avoiding white pants that cling to areas you don’t want to highlight. The speaker mentions their own concern with the tummy area and suggests choosing pants that create a space around that area. Pleated pants are recommended as they create additional volume, tricking the eye into perceiving a slimmer stomach.

Length of the top: While it may be tempting to wear longer tops with white pants to create a sense of safety, the speaker advises against it. They explain that longer tops tend to make legs look shorter, regardless of height. Instead, they suggest tucking in the top or creating a knot in front to shorten it without exposing the stomach.

Elastic waistbands: The speaker mentions the appeal of elastic waistbands for comfort, particularly in the summer. However, she cautions against exposed elastic waistbands as they can make the stomach area appear larger. The recommendation is to have elastic bands on the sides or back, keeping the front free from elastic to avoid emphasizing the stomach.

Choosing the right leg shape: The speaker recommends considering the appropriate leg shape for white pants. Skinny cuts are mentioned as potentially clinging to the bottom and making it look heavier. Relaxed shapes are easier to wear and create a slimming effect. For shorter individuals, flare or boot cut styles are suggested as they fit the thighs and gradually widen below the knees, elongating the legs. It is important, however, to avoid overly exaggerated flares that add excessive volume.

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White Pants Styling

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