5 Types of Pants Every Woman Should Own

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Types of Pants Every Woman Should Own

Here I bring you five types of pants that every woman should own.

If you love wearing pants, you should definitely make sure your closet is stocked with the basic pant ideas I’m going to discuss.

They will be versatile enough to be worn in various ways.


Joggers are my first type because of their versatility; they are one of my favorite types.

Joggers come in a wide range of fabrics, and they can be anything from extremely casual—so casual that you can lounge around the house in them—to slightly dressier—in which case you could wear heels or wedges.

Depending on the type of joggers you select, they have a huge range of versatility.

They’re so easy to wear, casual, and comfortable that I love them. I really prefer black joggers.

When I’m at home relaxing, I love to wear joggers, but I need to look presentable if I’m going to run errands. You’ll see me wearing sweaters or a small denim jacket over it.

White Linen Pants

White linen pants are yet another great pair of pants you should own.

A great fabric is linen, especially during the warmer months. It won’t make you feel sticky in humid weather and is incredibly light.

When I think of a white linen pant, I actually picture a great pair of pants that I can pack for a vacation. I definitely get a Caribbean vibe from it.

You can wear them with a blouse or a plain t-shirt for styling purposes.

They do come in a lot of styles. You can purchase ones that are cropped to wear with sandals or a pair of sneakers.

They are so versatile that they can even be used as a cover-up over a swimsuit when the sun gets too hot.

They make a great substitute for shorts. Some ladies no longer enjoy exposing their legs in shorts because they don’t feel comfortable doing so. A great alternative are white linen pants.

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If white denim jeans make you feel overheated and you’re seeking for a great substitute, they’re also a great option.

Khaki Pants

It goes without saying that you should own a great pair of khaki pants if you love the classic look. These are usually regarded as chinos. These are a classic wardrobe must.

These pants can be found in a wide variety of types and shapes.

From a mid-rise to a high-rise, anything is possible. You can choose to have them slightly baggier or little more fitted. Both full length and cropped versions are possible.

Depending on your body type, you have a lot of great options.

Khaki comes in a variety of color variations. From a slightly softer, lighter shade of khaki to a deeper, darker shade. It actually depends on the color of your skin.

No matter what, it’s a timeless pair of pants that you’ll wear frequently.

They are quite simple to style, especially if your collection is already based on those timeless pieces.

Consider some of your button-up shirts, whether they have long sleeves or short sleeves.

These look good with blazers. Together, blazers and khakis make a lovely outfit.

As far as shoes go, they are also incredibly versatile. These go well with a block-heeled sandal. Both sneakers and a wedge can be used to dress them up. even a shoe with a high heel.

There are numerous ways to style them to be a little bit dressier or a little bit more casual. It provides you with the versatility to fit your lifestyle.

Black Pants

The basic black pant is another great pant that you must have in your closet.

I adore denim jeans, especially deeper washes, but there are some events when they are simply inappropriate to wear. Wear on a pair of black pants in its place.

Any occasion where you need a slightly more formal or scaled-up clothing, whether it be for the office, a memorial service, or just a night out, calls for this.

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These black pants really do come in so many distinct options.

You can choose from a wide range of fits, including skinny and slim fits, wide leg pants, and a variety of rises.

They also offer a very stylish and elongated type of feel. If you want to lessen any sort of problematic regions that you typically have in your hip and thigh areas, black is a great color. They’ll produce a very slimming shape.

Black pants are similar to the black dress you must have in your closet.

Even if you don’t wear much black, this is a basic that you should have for those special occasions when you need a classy dress pant.

They can be styled in many different ways. A black blazer would be the traditional item to wear with it to achieve the suit look. Possibly under a pretty camisole.

You may also wear this with heels and a silk blouse. Very elegant and pretty.

Alternatively, you could make it a little more casual by adding a denim jacket, a cotton button-down shirt, or something similar.

Black pants can either be more casual or more dressy, depending on the fabric you choose.

When you need anything and are unsure of what to wear, having at least one pair of well-fitting black pants in your closet will come in handy.


I had to save the best for last, of course. Without including jeans, how could I write an article about pants?

I never advise sticking to just one pair of jeans.

I love all of my jeans, but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to limit what I would look for in a pair of jeans if I had to choose just one.

I’m going to start by saying to consider the wash. A medium wash denim is really going to be useful for me in a lot of ways. Because you can dress it up or down and it is appropriate for all seasons.

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I also like to consider how long my jeans are. Right above the ankle bone is the ideal crop for me. As a result, I could match these jeans with sneakers, wedges, high heels, ankle boots and flat sandals.

Also the rise of your jeans. For me, the rise is a little bit higher—perhaps nine inches. It would then be possible for me to wear these jeans with a shirt that is cropped to the waist, as well as shirts that I can tuck in or leave out.

Something that will serve a variety of purposes and be incredibly versatile

Try to avoid anything with any distressing, embellishments, or a raw hem if you’re only going to have one pair. That will limit the places where you can wear it.

Your body type and personal preferences will determine whether you choose a mid-rise, low-rise, or high-rise.

Regarding the style of jeans, it is also the same. You might think that a boot cut, wide leg, cropped, or even just skinny jeans are the best fit for you.

Simply choose the style that complements your lifestyle, makes you feel great, and is your go-to jean that you can wear to casual occasions or when you need to look a little more put-together.




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