8 Trousers Not to Wear With a Big Tummy

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Trousers Not to Wear With a Big Tummy

So you have a big tummy while being generally skinny, especially when wearing the wrong pair of pants.

The worst pants to wear if you have a stomach are discussed here, along with alternatives.

Leather Leggings

They are quite fashionable, but if you have a big stomach, they look terrible.

I’m not requesting that you fully avoid faux leather. You can wear them on. Finding the right leg shape is crucial.

Best for balancing your shape are straight leg pants with just the right amount of volume and that don’t cling to your legs.

Low Rise to Mid Rise

I used to believe that ladies who have extra weight in their stomach should avoid wearing low rise pants or jeans.

It’s still my opinion. I did not change my opinion.

Even with mid rise, you still need to exercise caution, I’d like to add.

My pants are mid rise, 10 inches in rise, and sit right at my belly button. The problem is that your belly button is not, for the majority of individuals, the narrowest point of your waist. Generally speaking, your natural waist can be found two to three inches above your belly button.

If you happen to carry your weight on your stomach, wearing your jeans or pants with the mid rise right at your belly button will not enhance your figure.

Instead, aim higher and look for jeans and pants that truly hit the narrowest part of your natural waist.

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Wrong Pleats

Here’s something you’re probably not thinking about. It wasn’t until lately that I discovered it. When I first started wearing plated pants, I used to be really perplexed as to why they just didn’t look right.

Until I realized the pleats are facing the wrong way, that is. It is not flattering to wear pleated pants with the pleats facing inward because this adds to the bulkiness in your stomach and makes your tummy make even bigger.

So stay away from them. Look for the outward-facing pleats. This is the ideal type of pleating to hide your stomach and provide the appearance of a thinner midsection.

Pleated & Tapered

Another type of pleated pants that you should be extremely cautious about are these. If their legs are tapered.

The volume from the pleats might give the appearance that the crotch is quite low if the pants have tapered legs and the waist is larger in the middle. Unflatteringly, they give the impression that the crotch area is lengthy and that the crotch is hanging down.

Additionally, the room for the legs is being reduced by this. This will just make your legs look even shorter if you happen to be shorter or have shorter legs.

Elastic Waistbands

It’s incredibly tempting to reach for elastic waistband pants or jeans if you’re self-conscious about your midsection, which is totally understandable.

Because they are so comfortable, I also adore them.

The problem is that it just doesn’t look flattering if the elastic wristband is visible. They might make it appear frumpy and possibly accentuate the appearance of your stomach.

Choose the covert elastic waistband instead. I have some pants that have an elastic waistband in the rear but look entirely flat in the front. This is the most attractive method to wear an elastic waistband while still looking comfortable. It appears to be a typical pair of dress pants.

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Flare Leg Pants

They are one of the best leg shapes to elongate your legs, particularly if they are shorter, so I realize this may surprise you.

But flare legs are made to fit closely against your body from the hips to the thighs. This implies that they can make it more obvious if you have a large tummy.

Therefore, you should choose your flare leg pants carefully if you do have extra weight in your midsection.

If the color is too bright or white, you should steer clear of flared legs. They will make your stomach more obvious and attract more attention to it.

Change to something that is black or has darker hues. They will lengthen your legs without emphasizing your stomach. You benefit from having the best of both worlds.

Clingy and stretchy cloth is the second type to avoid. You’re probably thinking that I should use stretchy fabric because it’s more comfortable when you have a tummy.

I get that.

However, if they are excessively thin and stretchy, they will cling to your stomach, which will make your stomach appear larger.

Choose fabrics with certain weights instead. They will be able to maintain their shape without fully clinging to your midsection and exposing your stomach if they are heavy enough and have adequate structure.

Paper Bag Pants

These are very challenging. I formerly adored paper bag pants. These are two to three inches higher than typical high wasted pants, therefore I assumed that since they entirely conceal your midsection, they must be really flattering on someone with big stomach.

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However, I did observe that they have additional fabrics and elastic waistbands. The two together only give your stomach an even larger appearance.

The worst case scenario is if your paper bag pants also include a belt, which they typically do. This is problematic since the belt covers your stomach in yet another layer of fabric and makes your stomach stand out even more.

Pants Too Tight

Wearing pants that are the wrong size. You may think this is obvious, but occasionally you might be wearing pants that are not the right size for you without even realizing it.

This is based on personal experience.

Although I am generally a slim person, I didn’t understand that I needed to size up in my pants because I had a large midsection.

I don’t wear extra small pants; I usually wear small or even medium.

Instead of merely looking at the numbers, you should select the right size based on how you truly feel and how the pants actually fit around your waist.

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