How to Find The Best Pants for Your Body Shape

How to Find The Best Pants for Your Body Shape

Let’s look at how to find the best pants for your body shape.


If your waistline bothers you all the time, you have the apple body shape.

Your tummy may be the widest portion of your body for some apple ladies. Plus-size apples aren’t available in every shape.

The stomach of a regular apple always develops weight first. So you could be skinny, but you’ll never have a small waist if you’re carrying weight on your tummy.

Here’s the deal with the apple.

Your legs are always slim, no matter how much weight you gain. Your legs are your best assets.

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The best pants for the apple shape should have a waistline slimming effect. The wide waistline is one of my favorite features. These have a sculpting impact on your waist and might compress your mid-section.

Also, those flats in the front are a good choice. The best pants are those with a side fastening. If they include a zipper or buttons in the front, it will just add to your swollen stomach’s boldness.

Because a high rise can make your waist appear smaller, high-waisted pants are ideal for the apple shape. Paperbag pants, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs.

These are high waisted, but because they use extra fabrics, they can make your tummy look even bigger. They can bulk up your tummy and draw attention to your waist, which is the last thing an apple wants.

Pleated pants have two sides to them. Pleats hide your midsection, but too many pleats can add volume to your midsection, making it much more noticeable.

Pleated pants with tapering legs will make your legs appear even shorter than they are if you have short legs.

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are broad, your hips are narrow, and your waist isn’t defined, you’re an inverted triangle shape.

Legs are a feature of inverted triangles. Pants can truly highlight your best qualities because your legs are long and slender.

Straight leg pants are the best choice for you. These can draw attention to your legs while also providing just enough volume to balance out your top.

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Skinny pants cling to your legs, clinging them, but they also showcase your top-heavy shape.

Because an inverted triangle has a shorter waist, mid-rise pants are best for you. You can also put on pants with a lot of volume at the bottom.

If you have broad shoulders, flare leg pants or wide leg pants can also help you look more balanced.


If your body is straight up and down, you don’t have many curves, and you don’t have a defined waist, you have a rectangle shape.

The difference between an apple and a rectangle is as follows. Even though the apple is skinny, she still has weight on her waist, but the rectangular shape distributes weight more evenly throughout your body.

Because your body is straight up and down, finding the correct pants to impart volume and shape to your lower half is crucial.

Flare pants or bootcut pants are the best pants for you. They fit snugly around your thighs and are wider at the bottom, giving your body the appearance of curves.

You could also wear wide-leg pants. These can also add volume to your bottom half, but choose your tops carefully. Wearing a wide top with wide leg pants might accentuate the fact that your entire body is shaped like a rectangle.

Because a common rectangle shape has a shorter waist, mid-rise is the best option for you.

Best Pants for Your Body Shape


If you’re smaller on top and bigger on the bottom, you’re a pair.

A pear’s shoulders are narrow, her breast is small, her waist is small, her hips are wide, and her thighs are wide.

The thighs and buttocks of a normal pear always gain weight first. Even if you are skinny, your thighs may be the widest section of your body.

It’s vital to think about how your pants and top body together to create an overall silhouette that flatters your shape.

Because you are heavier in the lower half of your body, you want the outfit to bring attention to the top and away from your heavier lower half.

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Pants with a slimming color are the best for you. Although black pants are incredibly slimming and always work well for the pear body shape, they are not the only color you can wear.

Any color pants will go as long as they are darker than your top. This will ensure that your clothing emphasizes your top.

Wide leg pants are the best pants for a pear shape. Because you already have weight in your lower half, this may seem illogical. Why would you want to appear your best in a pair of wide-leg pants with a lot of volume in the lower half?

This is how it goes.

You’ll want to find for wide leg pants that are fitted at the hips and taper down from there.

Because the wide leg pants don’t cling to your thighs, they might provide your lower half a lovely balance.

Any pants with double buttons should be avoided by the pear. They horizontally extend your hips. These have a horizontal panel on both sides with side closures.

They’ll simply make your hips appear more wider. They will bring extra attention to your wide hips and thighs because they contain buttons.

Your hips can also be widened by side pockets. For the pear shape, front pockets, such as patch pockets, are a better alternative.

These are incredibly trendy, they’re quite cute, and they’re also a great design for a pear shape. These will not widen your hips because they bring attention to the front rather than the sides.

A typical pear shape has a higher rise, so you have a longer torso and shorter legs than women your height.

So it’s critical for you to avoid anything that will make your legs appear even shorter. One of them is a pair of tapered leg pants.

Stay clear from this since it will make your legs appear even shorter than they already are.


If you are always receiving unwelcome attention, you have the hourglass shape.

You have balanced shoulder and hips for the hourglass. You have a small waist, full hips, and a large breast.

To be honest, pants might be a struggle for the hourglass shape, and dresses are your best friends.

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However, if you’re looking for pants, it’s critical to find pants that will help to balance out your curves.

Straight leg shape pants are the best for you. They’re not too loose or too tight, and they have just enough volume to balance off your curves.

Because your waist is so little relative to your hips, it’s very difficult to find pants that can suit both your waist and your hips, which is a common issue for the hourglass.

If they fit your hips, they’ll be too loose for your waist, and if they fit your waist, they’ll be too small for your hips. As a result, it’s vital that you buy for the curvy line.

The curvy line, which is created with a lower waist and wider hips to accommodate a curvier body shape like yours, is becoming increasingly popular.

Flare leg or bootcut can also be quite flattering for your figure. They might balance out your overall curves because they are fitted on your legs and wider at the bottom.

You can wear skinny pants if you like, but they will cling to your thighs and legs. They’ll simply draw attention to your curves.

The rise of a classic hourglass shape is longer. This is due to the numerous ins and outs in your waist and hips. As a result, high rise is always the best option for you. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also totally conceals your tummy and shows your little waste, which is one of your best features.

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