How to Choose The Right Underwear For Your Body Type

How to Choose The Right Underwear For Your Body Type

Underwear that rides up? Or maybe rolling down? Does it give you muffin top?

You might assume that your underwear is the wrong size, but it’s also conceivable that you are actually wearing incorrect style for your body shape.

Let’s find out how you can choose the right underwear for your body type, starting with the apple shape.

Underwear For Apple Body Type

The tummy is a highly distinctive characteristic of the apple type. If you’re an apple, your body could be skinny elsewhere, but you always have a little tummy.

Even when you put on weight, your legs might still be slim and your shoulders and hips can be the same width. Apples, however, frequently have bulging stomachs.

Here is a big problem with apple shape and your underwear.

Do you frequently notice a muffin top?

A lot of times you could be asking yourself did I gain some weight? Does that imply that I should go buy a bigger size?

What’s really going on is that your underwear’s rise doesn’t fit properly.

It sits under your navel if you are wearing lower rise underwear. Your underwear doesn’t adequately cover your stomach, which is what’s causing that muffin top.

If you’re wearing the incorrect style, it doesn’t matter if you obtain a larger size. That will not solve your problem.

However, there is a thing with underwear.

They don’t specify whether it has a high, mid, or low rise, like the jeans. We choose our underwear based on the name: cheekies, hipsters, and bikinis. They are the most often used underwear.

But the majority of those are low rise underwear, which is a problem.

That was something I was long unaware of. The majority of the underwear in my drawer are bikinis or hipsters.

The rise is only seven inches. If these were jeans, I never would have purchased them because I am aware of how low the rise is and how uncomfortable that would make me feel.

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But since I had no idea what I was wearing and this is underwear, bikini means low rise. As a result, I have underwear that does not fit my body shape.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever made the same mistakes.

If you have an apple shape, higher rise should be your main thing.

Here is a crucial part.

Although briefs typically feature full coverage in the front and back, a real apple usually has a flatter bum.

This means that you shouldn’t cover yourself up too much in the back because extra fabrics could show when you’re wearing jeans or tighter pants.

In that situation, seek out high leg cuts. In addition to having a high rise, these have high legs. They don’t have too many fabrics in the back, but they provide enough coverage on your tummy to make you feel at ease.

Underwear For Hourglass Body Shape

The biggest problem you have is that your underwear keeps creeping up on the back. In other words, you need the wedges since your underwear doesn’t adequately cover your hips.

Your initial response perhaps is ‘it’s time for me to size up’. That might be helpful, but if you always wear bikinis, these aren’t made to provide you with much coverage.

No matter if you size up or not, it won’t solve your issue.

Choose a pair of underwear with additional coverage, such the hipsters or the briefs.

Hipsters are a hybrid between boy shorts and bikinis. This may greatly increase your coverage.

The thing with hipsters, however, is this.

Typically, they are located a few inches below your navel. Many hourglasses have longer rises as well. Although I don’t have an hourglass shape, I do have a longer rise. You won’t feel particularly comfortable wearing low rise hipsters if you have a longer rise. You should probably think about wearing high rise briefs.

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High rise? Full coverage? Do you mean I should put on my grandmother’s underwear?

I absolutely agree with you.

You should not only feel comfortable in your underwear, but also look nice in it.

So how do you make sure that you’re wearing full coverage underwear.

This is what I do.

Underwear with lace. These do feature a very high leg cut and a very high waist design.

This is the ideal mix because it will provide you with the necessary coverage while never making you feel frumpy.

You can also find adorable cotton underwear that provides you with full coverage if lace isn’t your thing.

Cotton underwear with patterns or colors can be found. Compared to those that only have the most basic black or gray solids, they make me feel much better.

Underwear For Pear Body Type

Your issue is quite comparable to the hourglass if you have a pear body type. You have thick thighs and a hefty bottom.

Your underwear is creeping up on the back, and you can easily notice it. It’s crucial that you choose full coverage underwear like briefs or hipsters, which offer much more coverage than cheeky underwear or bikinis.

You should focus a lot on the leg opening in addition to the style. Boy shorts are advised for the pear shape since the pears are heavy on the thighs.

But there is a thing with boy shorts. They are longer. The fact that they are longer may make your thicker thighs feel a touch constricting. Additionally, your legs have more noticeable panty lines.

Underwear For Rectangle & Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The rectangle shape and the inverted triangle shape are the opposite of the pear and hourglass.

There isn’t much definition in the width of the rectangle shape. Your hips extend upward and downward from your waist. The hips of an inverted triangle are particularly small when contrasted to your shoulders.

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Compared to the pear and hourglass, you don’t require as much coverage.

Your shape typically works well with bikinis, and you can also choose cheekies, which provide even less coverage.

If you choose full coverage, you may notice that the fabrics on the back of your hips are too thick and the coverage is too extensive. If you are wearing tighter jeans or pants, that does not appear flattering.

Boy shorts can also be a suitable alternative for you if you fall into either of these two categories because they soften the straight-up-and-down shape of your body because you don’t have many hip curves.

Visible Panty Lines

The visible panty lines are one thing that every body type has.

No matter what body type you have, wearing the correct size is important if you want to get rid of these lines. It will be visible on your jeans if your underwear is overly tight and pinching your skin.

Similarly, if your underwear is too loose, you’ll also notice lines in your pants.

Choose seamless or invisible underwear if you want to get rid of your visible panty lines totally. These are intended to eliminate lines. Most of them have silicon on the edges to ensure that they stay in place, and some of them have laser-cut edges.

perfect underwear for your body type


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