How to Dress & Style Thick Thighs

How to Dress Thick Thighs

I’m going to discuss the best and worst fashion styles for thicker thighs in this article.

Worst Styles For Thick Thighs

Long Jackets

You’re most likely perplexed. You’re saying to yourself, “I wear long jackets because I want to conceal my thighs.”

The issue is that your jacket will draw attention to wherever it ends.

Therefore, if you choose hip-length jackets, your hips and thighs will be the center of attention.

The emphasis point of the entire ensemble moves upward when you switch to a shorter jacket, and the eye is now drawn to the top half rather than the bottom.

This now balances your shape considerably better, and this goes for all of your tops — not just jackets. If they are quite long and end exactly at your hips.

Many women with wider thighs also have wider hips, which will make this area the center of attention.

What if I go even longer, you could be asking. Yes, you can, but doing so creates a different problem because they inevitably make your legs appear much shorter.

Bias Cut Anything

Even if you are unfamiliar with the phrase, you have probably seen them. This season, slip dresses and slip skirts are really fashionable everywhere. They are frequently cut on the bias.

This means that they are cut across, making the fabrics adhere to your lower half. These are excellent if you want to highlight every curve on your body.

This is like placing a magnifier on your thighs, though, if you have bigger thighs.

Skinny Leg

Leggings, skinny jeans, skinny pants, and anything else with skinny legs are all made to cling to your legs from top to bottom. Your larger thighs will be the center of attention if you have them.

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Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a summertime favorite for everyone. However, they might not be your greatest buddy if your thighs are thicker.

Short shorts can make you feel self-conscious because they may end on the widest part of your thighs.

Since denim is mainly made of cotton, it has very little stretch, so if they’re long like the extremely popular Bermuda shorts, they could actually feel a touch constricting on someone with bigger thighs.

Pencil Skirts

While pencil skirts might be sexy, they can also accentuate large thighs. Pencil skirts draw all the attention to your lower body because they fit your body so closely.

Especially those lighter-colored pencil skirts. For instance, wearing white pencil skirts might be a nightmare if you want to hide your thighs.

They absolutely cling to your thighs, drawing attention to things you probably don’t want anyone to see.

Best Styles For Thick Thighs

Let’s now examine the best styles for bigger thighs.

Wide Leg Anything

The distinctive feature of wide legs over other leg shapes is their lack of cling. They are one of the greatest solutions for women with bigger thighs because they skim your body.

It doesn’t matter if they are wide leg jumpsuits, wide leg pants, or wide leg jeans. You can balance off your wider size by wearing anything with wide legs.

You won’t be able to see under the wide leg jeans how big your thighs are, no matter how big they are.

The wide leg shape, however, is not made equal. The trick is to pay close attention to the fabrics. Make sure the wide leg pants or jeans you’re wearing are not too stiff. The bottom half of your body will appear even larger than it actually is if they are excessively stiff and stick out.

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On the other side, if they’re too thin, that’s not good either because you won’t obtain the desired drape look.

You must find fabrics with sufficient weight so they can be draped.

A-Line Dresses

Depending on how big the flare is, these are occasionally referred to as fit and flare dresses.

They are the most aesthetically pleasing styles for women with larger thighs since the volume of the skirt itself prevents the eye from detecting and drawing attention to your thighs.

In terms of dresses, this should be your go-to silhouette.

Flare Legs

For those of you with wider thighs, the return of flare jeans and flare pants is wonderful news.

Because flared legs feature a wider bottom, they are an excellent choice for balancing off wider hips and thighs.

A-Line Skirts

The same idea holds true for skirts. A-line skirts are the way to go; abandon the pencil skirt.

These skirts skim your body and don’t cling, just like a-line dresses. And because of this, they are more accommodating and significantly more flattering on a person with bigger thighs.

Crop Tops

They can be one of the most flattering solutions for women with bigger thighs, I know this may surprise you, if you know how to make them work.

It’s really tempting to choose longer tops if you have larger thighs since you feel like that will hide your thighs.

However, crop tops actually detract attention from your thighs and buttocks because of how far away they are from those areas of your body.

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However, you need to know how to pair it with the appropriate bottom. A-line skirts are the ideal outfit to wear with crop tops. For women with bigger thighs, this combination is the most accommodating and flattering.

A-Line Shorts

The a-line silhouette is not just appropriate for dresses and skirts; it is also appropriate for shorts, and if you have wider thighs, these are some of the most flattering shorts.

These shorts have a space around your thighs and lessen the prominence of your thighs because of the wide leg opening.

A-line shorts are additionally much more comfy because of how roomy they are around your larger thighs.

Body Shape

If your top half is narrower than your bottom half, you may have a pear-shaped body if your thighs are wider.

The shoulders, chest, and waist of a pear-shaped body are typically slender. However, it isn’t always the case.

Serena Williams, for instance, has fuller breasts and wider shoulders in addition to her bigger thighs, so she also carries weight on her top half.

You might have a mixed body shape if you are like that and have features from several different body types. In reality, most people feel that way, and it’s very common.

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How to Style Thick Thighs


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