10 Fall 2023 Jacket Trends

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Ten fall 2023’s jacket trends are highlighted by fashion experts and stylists in this article by Byrdie. Each trend comes with styling tips to help create various looks, from casual to trendsetting.

Warm Browns

Brown is the new black, as seen during the Y2K resurgence. Dark chocolate brown jackets are versatile, suitable for both casual and formal looks.

Tailored Blazer Jackets

Tailored blazers with defined waist and sharp shoulders are essential for fall. They can be paired with office wear or dressed down with jeans for a versatile look.

Colorful Faux Leather

Colorful leather jackets are expected to dominate, bringing brightness to fall. Faux or vegan leather options are encouraged for cruelty-free choices.

Maximalist Patterns

Statement coats with colorful, furry, and textured silhouettes are in. Jackets with favorite colors, embellishments, and patterns are recommended.

Modern Bombers

Bomber jackets in oversized or cropped styles are popular for fall. Can be layered for casual or high-low looks, suitable for various dress codes.

Biker Chic

Classic black leather jackets with distressed finishes and hardware are trendy. Shearling and faux fur trims add texture and warmth.

Built-In Scarves

Jackets with built-in scarves offer convenience and coordinated style. Pair with straight-leg jeans and understated accessories.

Need for Tweed

Tweed jackets bring quiet luxury trend into fall. Versatile for both casual and polished outfits.

Cargo Accents

Cargo jackets with oversized pockets and drawstring details are making a comeback. Materials range from silk to nylon and luxurious twills.

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The Leather Trench

Maxi silhouettes, especially black leather trenches, are in trend. Fits the ‘Matrix’ aesthetic, pairs well with silver accessories.

Quilted Details

Quilted jackets transition from traditional styles to modern essentials. Bold colors and pastels make them suitable for both town and city wear.

Fall 2023 Jacket Trends


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