4 Easy Side Bun Hairstyles

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Here you will learn how to do four amazing, elegant and easy low bun hairstyles. They’re ideal for when you’re pressed for time or your hair refuses to cooperate.

The video features a tutorial on creating four easy and elegant side bun hairstyles for medium and long hair.

Rope Side Messy Bun

Side Bun Tutorial

The first hairstyle involves creating a side twist braid by adding hair only to the front section while twisting, incorporating hair from the opposite side, and tying it with a clear elastic. The bun is then formed by twisting and wrapping the ponytail into a donut shape, securing it horizontally with bobby pins.

Bubble Side Bun

How to Do a Low Side Bun

The second hairstyle requires dividing the hair into two sections, tying them at the back, and creating a side low ponytail. A half bubble is formed, stretched, and pinned to create a stylish look.

Braided Side Bun

Braided Side Bun

The third hairstyle involves selecting more hair than the second hairstyle, twisting it, and creating a three-strand braid off-center. The braid is pulled to add volume, brought through the top ponytail, and pinned at the base and sides.

Side Twist Bun

Side Twist Low Bun

The fourth hairstyle begins by tying the heavy side with a clear elastic, twisting the remaining hair away from the face, and wrapping it around the ponytail. Another elastic is tied, and the hair is pulled halfway through, creating a chic and intricate look.

Source: www.youtube.com/@AwesomeHairstyles

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