How to Wear Shorts Over 50

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How to Wear Shorts Over 50

This summer, do you intend to wear shorts?

You can wear shorts this summer and look incredibly stunning if you follow these eight tips.

It’s a hot subject. While not every woman over 50 wants to wear shorts, if you do, you may look your best, feel confident, and be at ease in those shorts.

Ignore the Fashion Police

Ignore the fashion police is the first piece of advice. I’m not sure who they are, but occasionally we hear that siren in our heads telling us that we shouldn’t do something.

Let me share a fact with you.

You might be able to wear Bermuda-length shorts if you want to.

Pay attention to your own body shape, body proportions, and those distinctive things of your body instead of following the advice of the fashion police.

Knowing your body and how to dress it will help you determine the ideal shorts length for you.

Some women should undoubtedly wear Bermuda-length shorts. because they enjoy them and because they are in fashion and style.

You can wear those Bermuda-length shorts if you are taller and have long legs.

On the other hand, if you are petite, then you undoubtedly can rock those shorter shorts and not look inappropriate but look absolutely fantastic.

You need to know what shorts inseam you prefer. The length between the shorts’ crotch and hem is known as the inseam. You want to know which inseam suits you the best.

There are essentially three lengths of shorts.

Anything between two and four inches is, in my opinion, rather short. However, if you’re small, a two to four inch inseam would be ideal for you. A two-inch inseam would look absolutely ludicrous on a taller person.

Between five and seven inches is the sweet spot that works for the majority of women. Those shorts are about mid-thigh length and may extend slightly beyond mid-thigh.

Many people can wear that length of shorts, so it’s kind of a nice spot.

Anything between 8 and 10 inches is considered to be the Bermuda length or longer length. This year, I’ve even seen 12 and 13 inch shorts. The longer ones reach just above the knee or even reach the length of the knee.

The key is to pay attention to your body proportion, know what works for your height and body type best, and ignore the fashion police.

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Leg Opening

The second piece of advice is to take note of the leg opening. That is practically more important than the inseam.

Because you don’t want your shorts’ leg opening to be so small that it gives the appearance that your legs are being squeezed.

It will look as though the shorts are too tight when the leg opening is pressing against your thigh and you develop that little dimple there. It’s not what you want.

On the other hand, if the shorts simply follow the shape of your legs, skim over them, and allow for some movement, it is actually very flattering.

Wider shorts are another option; they nearly have a skirt-like look. They protrude greatly from the leg.

Again, it’s important to understand your proportions and body type. Due to the fact that a broader leg opening may balance out wide shoulders, for example, and make you look more proportionate.

On the other hand, if you have a triangle-shaped body with narrow shoulders and larger hips, you probably shouldn’t wear that wide-leg opening short that resembles a skirt. You’ll just appear more like a triangle as a result.

Almost everyone can wear a short that has a little bit of room, two or three fingers can go up in the sides of that leg opening comfortably. You have a small amount of room, which gives you the appearance of having trim legs and makes them appear slightly thinner.

Check Out the Rear View

Tip number three is to check out the rear view. You can do it in front of the mirror or by having someone take a cellphone photo of you. then examine them.

Is the location of the pocket good? Your posterior will appear to be sagging if the pockets are too low. You may appear to be wearing shorts that are too small if the pockets are excessively high.

You want those pockets in the middle, appropriate to the shorts. However, it’s worth noting that it’s possible to find shorts without pockets as well. Anything that stretches or feels tight, or has a poofy back that makes you look to be wearing a diaper, should be avoided.

Fit Matters

Number four summarizes numbers one through three and emphasizes that fit matters. The most important thing is that the shorts fit us.

You want your shorts to fit, regardless of the length you choose to wear.

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There shouldn’t be any pulling across the front, no bulging or pulling in the pockets, and no sagging, poking, or flopping of the things.

The fitting of our shorts is necessary, especially as we age. Simply put, it’s important that our shorts fit us perfectly.

Some people will advise you to size up in shorts, but merchants have discovered that women want a little more room, so they began sizing them accordingly.


The fifth tip is regarding tops, and you should top your shorts appropriately.

By that, I mean two things.

First of all, it is perfectly OK to wear a bigger top or a top with some ruffling over the shoulders and the sleeves, which is currently quite in style, if you are wearing slim-fitting shorts.

You can achieve those fantastic proportions by wearing that bigger top with those slimmer-fitting shorts.

On the other hand, you might want to wear something more trim up top if you’re wearing shorts with a broader opening at the leg.

It doesn’t have to be tight; it only needs to be closer to your body or simpler, with a highly streamlined look.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your top ends at the proper point so that your shorts look to be the proper length.

For instance, if you’re wearing those Bermuda-length shorts, tucking your top in will make them look really stylish. The two to one proportion from the bottom to the top is one of those very wonderful proportions.

You are certainly allowed to wear your shirt untucked. Simply be cautious not to wear a very long top over very short shorts so that only a small portion of the shorts are visible.

We want our top to be the right length and our shorts to look like they are shorts and that we are wearing something. You can give the front of your tops a small tuck if the majority of them are a little bit longer.

Simply achieving those proportions while giving them a little unkempt appearance is the objective here.

Colors & Patterns

Sixth tip: Pay attention to the colors and patterns.

How do you wear those? You need something a little bit more modest to balance all the color and activity.

For that, there are a few tops that are perfect. The solution is always a plain white t-shirt. It just goes with everything, from those print shorts to those really colorful shorts. Another wonderful top would be a second neutral-colored t-shirt, such as one in navy, gray, or black if it works with those shorts.

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Chambray would be my third choice. I adore wearing a chambray top with busy shorts or extremely vibrant shorts. They simply have a knack for balancing it out and making it look stylish, pulled together, and well-balanced.


The seventh tip is going the other way, and that is to pick your shoes wisely.

If you are wearing those longer-length shorts, then you have a few options here because it all really comes down to proportion and making your legs look longer.

Going with a sandal or shoe, perhaps a loafer, in a flesh tone is probably the simplest option. Anything you choose in a flesh tone will lengthen your legs and balance everything out, whether it’s a slide or a pair of sneakers.

You could also wear on your sneakers. Personally, I prefer to wear white or tan/beige colored sneakers with my shorts if I’m going to wear sneakers.

Metallics, like a metallic sandal, provide an additional choice. You want to wear something that elongates your legs by revealing just enough foot and ankle.

I wouldn’t wear anything extremely large and bold on your feet, like a colored shoe. That will disturb the proportions you’re attempting to achieve and give your legs a slightly stumpier appearance.

Add a Third Piece

The final piece of advice is to complete your shorts ensemble with a third piece. You merely feel a tiny bit more at ease as a result.

It simply truly accomplishes so many things when I top it off with a linen top or even a really light cotton top.

First of all, it slightly conceals my waistline and the back view of my shorts, giving me the impression of being little more covered and put together.

There are numerous ways for doing this. You can wear in a linen button-up shirt. You may include a kimono or a jacket.

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