How Should Shorts Fit a Woman (How to Wear)

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How Should Shorts Fit a Woman

It’s possible that you’re wearing your shorts incorrectly. I’m going to give you some pointers on how to properly wear shorts.

It’s a touchy subject, and I understand that shorts aren’t something everyone wants to wear. You’re not obligated to!

If you don’t like them or aren’t happy in your own skin, don’t feel obligated to wear them.

You must do what is best for you and what makes you feel most at ease.

I’m simply going to go over a few of the dos and don’ts.

I’m going to start with the don’ts.

Not Too Short

Short shorts should not be worn. Do you think there are any exceptions to this rule?

Definitely. If you’re on the beach, you’re on a boat, or something similar. It’s all right.

However, when out in public and performing errands, you just need to be more mindful of what is and is not proper.

In general, I believe you should seek out shorts that pass the fingertip test. Simply put, you hold your arms down by your sides and observe where your finger tips rest.

So, with these shorts, it’s a little below the tip of the finger. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, and you shouldn’t either.

Don’t be concerned if you have extremely lengthy arms. Two, three inches, give or take. All we want is for it to be in that zone.

And if you’re out in public with your shorts on, that’s a perfect length.

I don’t think it’s proper, regardless of your age, if the curve of your butt cheek can be seen hanging out of your shorts.

With the exception of the points I mentioned earlier.

Wearing these out in public is quite difficult. I believe you’re simply requesting attention, and I’m not convinced that’s a good, elegant, polished look.

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Instead, seek for a pair of longer shorts that come up to your finger tips. In that length, you’ll feel a lot more at ease and sophisticated.

No Tight Shorts

Wearing shorts that are excessively tight around the legs is the second no-no for shorts.

When you wear shorts that are overly tight, your legs will appear larger.

It is critical to comprehend this. When it comes to shorts, it’s best to size larger so that you have a little extra leg room.

I have a pair of faux leather shorts in my closet. The leg is virtually in the shape of an A-line. And there’s three or four inches of space in each leg.

You don’t have to go quite that big, but you get the concept.

In the roomier shorts, my legs appear to be considerably smaller. Your legs will appear smaller if you have a little additional room in the leg of your shorts.

As a result, if you’re unsure about sizing, go up a size.

Shorts with a more A-line leg form can also be deliberately chosen.

Don’t Pair Shorts With Anything

Another no-no is to wear your shorts with just about everything. Another way to put it is to meticulously style your shorts.

That’s a comprehensive look from head to toe. Consider your hair. Take into consideration what you’re wearing on top. Consider your footwear options.

I notice a lot of women who will put on a pair of shorts and then style it almost conservatively.

The shorts are lengthy, a sweater and then they have a flat sandal.  It appears to be too matronly or dowdy. You also do not wish to proceed in that route.

Style your shorts with care, and a good rule of thumb is to keep it modern and youthful by adding one extremely modern element to the appearance.

Let’s move on to the do’s now that we’ve covered some of the don’ts.

Longer Inseam

Wear pants with a longer inseam. Consider a three-inch inseam or longer.

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If you’re petite, three inches will suffice because a shorter inseam makes your legs appear longer.

Consider your inseam length carefully and strategically, based on your comfort level and height, and select the shorts that are best for you.

So, for me, a three to five inch inseam length is ideal. If you’re 5’10”, a five to seven inch inseam length may be preferable.

All you have to do now is find the inseam length that works best for you.

Add Coverage

What exactly do I mean?

Because you’re revealing so much leg, consider adding a little more coverage in other areas.

A short-sleeved t-shirt is a good option. This will provide you with a little additional arm coverage.

A button down is another possibility. Wear a lightweight button down if you live in a hot climate.

You’ve got your arms covered. You’ve got your chest covered. When you’re wearing those shorts, this can help you feel more at ease. It’s a little more refined and elegant.

You may wear sneakers, flat sandals, or anything else you have in your closet.

Wearing a blazer is another option for greater coverage.

You could think to yourself, “What are you talking about? Blazer in the summer? No.”

A blazer is a terrific item to have, even if you’re in searing weather, especially if you’re in and out of strongly air-conditioned venues.

I prefer to layer my shorts with a light white blazer. I just wore it with a plain ivory camisole.

The blazer is long enough to reach the bottom of the shorts. It simply elongates and brings everything together. It’s just a cool appearance that isn’t frumpy, dowdy, or overly matronly.

Roomy Legs

I mentioned that tight shorts around the legs are a no-no.

So, seek for shorts that have roomy legs. It’s possible that the A-line leg shape is to blame. It’s similar to a flared short.

Alternatively, size up and know that you’ll have a little additional room in those shorts.

Add Bronzer

Don’t forget to bronze your legs!

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My legs don’t appear to be as strong as they once were. I’m in my forties. I’ve seen a lot of laxity in the skin, as well as lumps and bumps that weren’t there before. I’m not a big fan of the way my knees appear these days.

I enjoy applying bronzer on my legs. What I actually do is combine bronzer and coconut oil.

Then I’ll blend it into my legs to make them look a little bit more luminous while also concealing some of the blemishes.

If you’re concerned about more serious blemishes, such as varicose veins or scars, invest in a body makeup that will conceal some of those blemishes.

Dress Your Shorts

Last but not least, dress up your shorts.

I believe we get the impression that shorts are just so casual, thus we’ll wear them with casual stuff.

Yes, shorts are casual, but when paired with elevated pieces, your short outfit is raised significantly.

We may wear up the style by pairing the white button down with shorts. We can wear on a silky white blouse. Alternatively, there’s the blazer look I mentioned earlier.

There are a variety of methods to dress up your shorts.


Look for inseams that are three inches or longer.

Look for roomy legs! The shorts’ roominess will make your legs appear smaller and leaner.

To add sophistication and elevation, add coverage.

Make your legs glow with bronzer!

Dress up your shorts, because sophisticated elements like heels, a belt, and a hat may significantly elevate the look of your shorts.

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