How to Get Rid of Underwear Lines

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How to Get Rid of Underwear Lines

The topic of underwear and how to get rid of underwear lines will be the focus of this article.

Panty lines can be incredibly difficult to conceal at times, and this struggle is genuine.

Nobody wants their panty lines to be visible, but depending on the type of clothing you are wearing, it might be hard to avoid doing so.

These are all of my tips for how to hide underwear lines, avoid panty lines, and choose the best course of action in such a scenario.

Type of Underwear

Since the type of underwear you are wearing will undoubtedly have the most impact, I’ll start with that.

When attempting to prevent panty lines, certain undergarments are preferable to wear, particularly if your clothing is not as thick and you are simply concerned that your undergarments may be visible.

What underwear options are the best?


Seamless underwear is the ideal option if you want to prevent panty lines. It lacks those strong edges where the lines will be clearly seen.

Since it’s seamless, it won’t show, and the great thing about seamless underwear is that it won’t cut across your butt to leave those panty lines. You’re going to be able to tell where it stops depending on the underwear you’re wearing.

Because it is seamless, this will prevent the crease where your underwear ends up.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are another fantastic option for underwear to try to avoid a panty line.

Personally, I adore them. They are quite comfortable, and they make getting rid of underwear lines simpler.


Choosing thongs is the final option. Obviously, that is one of the simplest methods for hiding underwear.

Any thong style that you choose to wear is acceptable.

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Furthermore, they include adhesive thongs, which are great because you can just stick them to your clothing. They are actually very practical, especially if your dress is very thin and you have specific events to attend.

I strongly advise adhesive thongs if you can’t get away with anything else, and you can buy a lot of them for not too much money.

They’re simply going to entirely avoid that situation. It’s as if you’re not wearing underwear, but you’re still protected, which is great.


Wear the right colors is the second piece of advice. I want to match my underwear to my outfit whenever possible.

I typically only wear black underwear when I’m wearing black pants. I’ll wear red if I had a red outfit. I make an effort to match it, though clearly going nude is a simple option if I don’t really have anything to match.

A decent pair of basic nude underwear is great since it makes it very simple to conceal lines. Simply put, it’s far simpler than donning highly vivid, brilliant, and pattern-covered underwear.


The third tip is the ideal size. When it comes to your underwear, your size really does matter a lot.

You might be having trouble hiding underwear lines simply because you are purchasing the incorrect size underwear.

Either you’re going too large or too small.

If your underwear is excessively tight, it will really dig into you and leave you with those unattractive lines. However, if you purchase underwear that is too loose, it will appear much more lumpy.

Going underwear with a high waist is a great option. Victoria’s Secret released a lot of high-waisted underwear a few years ago. I’ve acquired so many because I’m obsessed with them.

This will help to get rid of that muffin top. Muffin top occurs when your clothing doesn’t fit you properly or when you don’t choose the right pieces that will accentuate your figure.

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Going for more high-waisted clothing with wide waistbands is a great way to give a sleek silhouette.

Going the proper underwear is probably the most crucial step and will significantly improve your appearance.

The following couple of tips and tricks are simple things you can do to effectively hide those underwear lines. The first one merely involves tights.


I have a wide variety of tights. I have nudes, black, gray, and whatever else there is. A pretty good and simple solution to help eliminate underwear lines is to wear tights.

This will give you that extra thickness you need to cover up those obvious panty lines.

Something I’ve done before is I’ve cut it. You may just cut a pair of tights in half and use the upper portion if you don’t want the entire garment to be excessively long. Put it on top of your underwear to create a smoother silhouette and add a layer to hide up any underwear lines.


Shapewear is a great option as well. Personally, I enjoy going biker shorts.

Biker shorts come in both thicker and thinner styles, and both are excellent for hiding underwear lines.

This will not only give you a sleek silhouette but will also give you an additional layer, which will help hide any underwear lines. Because they are shorts, you won’t see it.

This is also fantastic for wearing underneath clothing like dresses and skirts.

You could just go old school and wear a slip underneath your clothing, which is another excellent approach to help hide underwear lines.

It will add another layer, which will only make it much easier to hide those underwear lines. The underwear you’re wearing won’t be visible.


The final couple of tips focus more on your fabric. It goes without saying that specific fabrics will have a massive effect.

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You should choose items made of thicker, more busier fabrics with more textures, patterns, and busy designs.

It will certainly be more hard to hide your underwear lines if you use jersey fabric, silk, or incredibly thin fabrics. When you don’t want to see any underwear lines, those fabrics aren’t the best to wear.

If you choose materials that are far more lightweight, they are essentially too smooth and clingy, making it much simpler to show your underwear lines. At that point, I’d advise utilizing adhesive thongs.

That is simply the best option.

Because it will be very difficult to hide those panty lines no matter what you do if the material is really light and thin.

The best approach to hide it is definitely to wear textured or busy patterns. You actually can’t even notice whether you have panty lines.

If your pants have a really busy pattern, it’s just a lot easier to conceal it, then if you go for something like a white or light pink. If the material is thin, it will be more harder to hide those underwear lines.

Those are all of my tips and tricks on how to get rid of underwear lines.

how to hide underwear lines


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