How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger & Better

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How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger & Better

So, you want your butt to look better and bigger.

I’ve got seven fashion tips for you here that will make your butt look better and bigger than ever.

White Bottom

Number one tip is wear a white bottom. The most expensive color is white. Anytime you wear white, it’s going to highlight that part of your body and make it look bigger.

Wearing white pants will make your buttocks look fuller, and wearing black pants will make them look smaller.

This is particularly important if your bum is smaller. Make sure you have at least one pair of white jeans or white pants and a white skirt if you want your butt to look bigger and fuller.


Wear skinnies is the second piece of advice. The shape of your buttocks will be most accentuated by wearing skinnies, out of all leg shapes.

The reason is fairly straightforward. On your buttocks and underneath your buttocks, skinny jeans fit snugly. This is essential since different leg shapes would not have the same aesthetic.

You’ll notice greater space under your buttocks when you wear standard jeans that are not skinnies. You can tell a significant difference between them and a pair of skinny jeans when you compare them.

Because your bum will look better and fuller and the shape of your butt will look the best when there is no additional space under your buttocks.

I understand the trend is shifting away from skinnies and everybody’s wearing straight leg, wide leg, but if you have a smaller butt or if your bum is on the flat side, skinnies are possibly still the best for your body shape.

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Pencil Skirt

Wear pencil skirts is the third trick. If you want your bum to look bigger and fuller than it actually is, pencil skirts are undoubtedly one of the most flattering skirt shapes.

The reason is straightforward. Pencil skirts can greatly draw attention to your buttocks’ curves since they support the shape of your bum, particularly if they are a brighter hue, like white.

These are the ideal since they’ll enhance the shape of your buttocks and make them the center of attention.

Here is the key. They will make your butt look bigger the tighter they are.

Jeans Pockets

Did you know that your jeans’ pockets may make or break how your bum appears?

You should first ensure that the pockets on your jeans are the appropriate size. Avoid wearing jeans with very large pockets if your bum is smaller or flat. Instead, you want pockets that are the perfect size. It would be best if they were on the smaller side because smaller pockets will make your bum look bigger.

Position is crucial. Make sure the pockets on your jeans are in the middle. The closer they are, the more likely they’re going to give you that fuller, lifted look. They will probably make your bum look flatter the farther apart they are.

You should also look the detailing on your jeans’ pockets if you have a flatter bum. For instance, pockets with a flap are great since they have additional fabrics and they increase the volume of your buttocks’ back.

Any type of decoration will make your buttocks look fuller and bigger, therefore you should also look for embellishments.

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If you’re unfamiliar with what a yoke is, it’s this piece that sits directly beneath the waistline of the back of your jeans. This element is actually important.

You should search for a yoke that has a curved V shape. The more pronounced the curve, the more they’ll give you the look of perkier buttocks with a rounder shape.


Wear a peplum is the following tip. For a lot of reasons, I adore peplum tops. Wearing a peplum top is the simplest technique to conceal a smaller bum or make it appear larger.

When you wear a peplum top, your hip lines stretch horizontally, and you also add extra fabric to your hips, giving the appearance of more volume on your buttocks. Naturally, this will make you look bigger and fuller.

Pencil skirts are fantastic for you if you want your butt to look bigger, like I indicated previously. However, there is one thing with pencil skirts. It’s incredibly simple for them to make us feel self-conscious because of the way they cling to our bodies, especially if we have stomach issues or carry extra weight in the middle.

Your entire outfit shouldn’t be clinging to your body. Peplum tops are among the best tops to pair with a pencil skirt.

These two go hand in hand. Even if you are self-conscious about your waistline, you won’t be when you wear a peplum top because the extra layer of fabric will conceal it.

Avoid Loose Fit

Tip number seven is bypass loosely fitted pants. This may seem very obvious, but it’s not always the case. For example, if you have a smaller bum, you could feel self-conscious and assume that wearing loose-fitting pants will help cover it up.

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But here is the thing. Your pants will make them look even smaller because the more space they have in the bum area, the looser they will be.

Your bum will look better if your pants fit tightly since they will make the shape and curve of your bum.

When selecting pants with wide legs, this is especially crucial. Many of us believe that wide-leg pants should be loose simply in the leg shape. When wearing wide leg pants, the fit is insufficient if you can’t see your posterior in the mirror.

You should be able to view your buttocks when you turn around in the mirror, regardless of the leg shape of your pants. Because most of us think wide leg pants should fit loosely only in your legs and not on your bum, this is a very simple error to make when selecting wide leg pants.

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