How to Wear a Grey Blazer, Coat, Jeans, Pants

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How to Wear a Grey Blazer, Coat

Knowing the ideal color combinations is one of the most efficient and effective ways to put together a chic outfit and make the most of your wardrobe.

Dressing yourself is so much simpler when you know which colors complement each other so well.

I recently discussed the color camel and some fantastic color combinations that go incredibly well with it.

I’m going to highlight the color grey in this article.

Grey can occasionally come off as a bit of a depressing color, but there are many chic ways to wear it.

Therefore, let’s begin.


One of the classiest ways to wear grey, in my opinion, is to combine it with white. Together, it looks wonderful.

White jeans, a grey top, and a grey coat would make a timeless look. Although it is more of a spring look, it may also be worn in the winter by wearing a thicker wool coat and jumper.

A white bag would be an interesting addition to that. Or by carrying a grey bag and wearing a biker jacket.

Grey pants with a white top and a white coat might be a slightly simpler way to wear together. Wearing grey pants, a sweater, and a coat with a white shirt layered underneath would be an alternative to that.

Wearing all gray with a pair of bright white trainers or other types of white shoes is a fairly straightforward way to wear the color combination. The color scheme appears sharp, clean, and fresh.

Just put what you have in grey and white together.


Add some black to this color combination to make it a little more appropriate for winter. Thus, the colors would be white, grey, and black. Together, it looks terrific.

Similar to earlier, you could pair a black bag with your white and grey outfit and possibly some black shoes. You could also wear white or grey tops with white or grey bottoms.

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It’s not necessary to wear pants. You could experiment with the color scheme with any kind of skirt before putting a shirt and a sweater on top.

The black, white, and grey color combination can look great no matter which way you decide to mix it. Check your options to see what you can put it with.


Keeping with white and grey, you could add the really wonderful color of blue to this. Navy or a very light shade of blue also looks wonderful.

You could still go with white pants and a grey coat; all you would need to do is add a blue denim or chambray shirt.

Wear a somewhat darker shade of grey pant and a blue shirt instead of white jeans. This would look great worn under a white coat, and you could layer them both.

A way to wear a blue coat or blazer would be with a grey or white top or grey and white bottoms, and add a blue bag that compliments the coat.

Wearing grey with a pair of light blue jeans, a white top, and a grey blazer or coat is probably the simplest way to make this three-way combination look good. A print would look fantastic.

There are other ways to mix it, just like with other combinations. You may just add a white coat or bag, for example.

A different approach would be to wear a white top under a grey sweater and a navy blazer. Combine a grey sweater and navy blazer with a pair of white sneakers, white jeans, or white trousers.

A variation is to replace the white with black, making it black, navy, and grey. Amazingly, it all fits together well.

Try wearing black bottoms, a grey top, and a navy jacket or navy bottoms, a black top, and a grey jacket. You may also try wearing black top, navy bottoms, and a grey coat.

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Grey and orange are a color combination that might not immediately come to mind. It’s a great way to liven up a winter ensemble and it really can go together.

The color combinations have been rather safe up until this point. But because it’s so striking, this one is for people who might be a little bit more daring.

You may accomplish it by adding an orange scarf, orange bag, or perhaps even both, to a grey outfit.

Try pairing a grey dress with orange accessories, such as a bag and a necklace, or try wearing an orange top with grey pants. I also adore the outfit featuring the orange pants and gray coat.

This orange and grey color combination is possibly the most difficult to achieve with items you already own. Not everyone’s wardrobe includes an orange item.

But perhaps you could give it a shot by adding some orange clothing into your wardrobe. Simple accessories, such as an orange bag, can look great with a grey ensemble.


Grey and red with white work like a dream together, just like grey and orange do.

It works well when combined with some black.

You might own a black motorcycle jacket that you could pair with a red sweater worn over a white shirt and grey pants.

You might have a grey blazer that you can wear up by pairing it with black trousers, a white sweater, and a red bag.

You may experiment with white pants, a grey top, a black coat, and a red bag. You might even consider adding a print to that.


I discussed the color combination of camel and grey in my article about the color camel. It makes for a nice combination and can look really elegant.

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This set looks nice when worn with a dress and coat, either a grey dress and a camel coat or a grey dress with a beige or camel coat.

Instead of a dress, you may wear pants and a top in one color and a coat in another.

Brown & Burgundy

If camel isn’t your style, you might want to try grey and brown. It’s yet another great color combination. Together, it truly does look great.

Together, burgundy, black, and grey, especially a darker grey, look terrific. For this, you may wear a camel coat or a grey sweater with a burgundy coat and black trousers.


Pink and grey look quite feminine when combined, especially when white is added.

Consider wearing a pink scarf with a white jacket and a grey top if you have them. Consider pairing a pink knit that would look good with a white coat with a pair of grey pants and a grey bag.

Grey slacks and a white top look great together if you have a pink coat.

This color combination works well both casually and formally. This color combination looks great on everyone, regardless of how you wear it.

How to Wear a Grey Jeans, Pants


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