How to Wear Pearls – Complete Guide

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How to Wear Pearls

In this video, the speaker provides an in-depth guide to pearls, covering topics such as the different types of pearls (natural, cultured, and artificial/fake), their price points, and how to choose the best type of pearl for you.

The speaker also discusses the different colors and shapes of pearls and how to style them, as well as the importance of considering your personal style and skin undertones when choosing pearls.

The speaker dives into the three basic categories of pearls: natural, cultured, and artificial/fake. She explains that natural pearls occur without human intervention and are the most expensive, while cultured pearls require human care and can be found at various price points. The speaker also notes that artificial or fake pearls are typically made of plastic or glass and are very affordable.

Next, the speaker discusses how pearls can be styled and how their energy can be changed depending on the type of pearl and other jewelry they are paired with. She recommends experimenting with different shapes and styles of pearls to find what you like before investing in a more expensive cultured or natural pearl.

The speaker then moves on to discussing the different colors of pearls, noting that white or off-white pearls are the most common. She explains that there is a spectrum of pearl colors, ranging from pure white to black, and that the color of the pearl can influence its vibe and energy. The speaker recommends choosing a pearl color that matches your personal style and can be worn with the colors in your wardrobe.

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Finally, the speaker notes the importance of considering your skin undertones when choosing a pearl color, as well as the impact that white or off-white pearls can have on the brightness of your smile. She recommends holding pearls up to your face to determine if they complement your skin and teeth, and also suggests considering the warm or cool undertones of the pearl based on your personal preferences and coloring.

Overall, this video provides a comprehensive guide to pearls, covering everything from their types and price points to their colors, shapes, and styles. The speaker offers helpful tips and recommendations throughout the video to help viewers find the perfect type of pearl for their personal style and preferences.

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