What Not to Wear in Hot Weather? (7 Clothes to Avoid)

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What Not to Wear in Hot Weather

You might be wearing the wrong clothes for the hotter months if you’re overheated on hot spring and summer days!

When you’re trapped in hot, sweaty, sticky clothing, it can be really frustrating!

In this article, I’ll give you seven advice on what not to wear in hot weather clothing so you can stay cool while still looking attractive.


Velvet is the first item on the list.

While velvet is gorgeous, it is a warm, cozy fabric that is ideally suited for fall and winter. I do not advocate wearing velvet in the heat of summer.

Velvet, on the other hand, is an exception for me in the summer. On Sundays, if I’m spending the day at home doing nothing but lounging on the couch, I’ll wear on a velvet dress.

The reason for this is that my spouse enjoys cranking up the air conditioning to its maximum setting, which makes me quite cold. But I’ve discovered that if I put on one of these dresses, I’ll be warm while my husband enjoys his freezing air conditioning.

If I walk outside, though, I will not wear one of these dresses because I will quickly become warm and sweaty. This fabric is heavy, and it is not appropriate for hot weather!

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the second item to avoid if you want to be comfortable in hot weather. When the weather is scorching, the last thing you want on your legs is a pair of hot, sticky skinny jeans.

Choose models with a wide leg and light colors if you want to wear jeans in the summer. They’re light, breezy, and cool!

The skinny jeans make me feel quite uneasy! They’re so hot! When I switch to wide leg jeans, though, I feel like I could wear them all day and not get tired of them!

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Dark Colors

The third item you should avoid wearing in hot, humid weather is black or dark colors, particularly during the day when the sun is out, because black and dark colors absorb heat more quickly than light colors.

Make a test. Sit in the sun wearing a black tank top. Then sit in the sun wearing a white tank top. When you wear the white tank top, you will realize that you will feel much cooler.

If you wear a dark colored hat in the summer, you will get so sweaty and hot underneath the hat that your brain will fry.

Instead, go for light-colored headwear. You’ll be considerably more relaxed and comfortable.

Synthetic Fabrics

In the summer, we should avoid wearing synthetic textiles because they are not breathable and do not absorb sweat properly.

Take a look in your closet, though! I went through my closet and discovered that many of my clothes, including the more costly ones, are made of polyester. While we can’t avoid wearing polyester clothing entirely during the summer, we can avoid wearing polyester clothing that is too tight.

My top is so thin that you can see right through it. However, because the top is polyester and has a very tight fit, I feel like I’m wearing a nylon plastic bag over my body when I put it on.

All of the humidity, sweatiness, and stickiness are kept inside. It’s a cute top, but it’s just too hot to wear throughout the summer.

So, if you’re going to wear polyester in the summer, go for looser-fitting clothes. Otherwise, natural fibers such as cotton should be used.

Leather Clothing

Leather pants, leather skirts, and leather dresses are all popular choices. Leather is fantastic to wear in the fall and winter because it keeps us toasty, but if we wear it in the summer, we will become quite hot and sticky underneath.

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Friends comes to mind whenever I think of hot, sticky leather gear. Ross is seen wearing leather trousers on a date in one episode. And in those leather pants, he starts to grow quite hot. The more he wears the pants, the stickier and more unpleasant they get.

You may see why leather apparel should not be worn during the hot summer days if you recall that scene. It’s a no!

I’m going to include synthetic leather, such as vegan leather, under the leather clothing category.

It wasn’t particularly hot outside one day, but it was extremely humid, so I put on a vegan leather dress. What a blunder! Underneath that dress, the humidity was trapped. It was the most unpleasant, sticky sensation I’d ever had!


This makes me very sad because a silk slip dress is one of my favorite things to wear. Even though silk is a natural fabric, it does not fare well in hot weather.

The first issue with silk is that it is not a breathable fabric, which means that if you become sweaty or hot, the sweat and heat will be trapped beneath the clothing item.

I wore a lovely silk dress last summer. I got so hot underneath the dress that my legs felt like they were on fire since there was no way for the heat to escape through the dress.

The second issue with silk is that when it becomes a little humid out there, or when we sweat a little, the fabric wrinkles rapidly, and our clothes don’t look good.

I’ve learnt how to work with silk in the summer since I adore silk slip dresses.

Silk dresses with lining below wrinkle less, according to my observations.

If I’m going somewhere where I won’t be spending much time outside or if I’ll be working in an office for the majority of the day, I can wear a silk dress as long as it has a lining because I won’t have to worry about it wrinkling and looking bad.

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Wool Blazer

If you need to cover your arms during the summer, particularly if it’s for a workplace environment, do not wear wool blazers. I might include blazers with lining underneath, as the lining just provides as an additional layer of warmth.

Cotton blazers, on the other hand, are a better choice. My blazer is made entirely of cotton. It’s a light color since it’s white, and there’s no lining underneath. This is a far better way to stay cool in the summer.

Bonus Tip

This additional advice has nothing to do with how comfortable and cool you stay in your summer outfits, but it does have something to do with how you appear in them, so I’m including it in case you want to be dressed suitably for the hot weather season as well.

In the summer, avoid wearing clothing with hues that are not seen in nature.

Do not wear dresses with hues that resemble the colors found in the leaves of trees in the fall. These dresses are perfect for the fall season. They’re just not summer-appropriate.

These are my tips on what not to wear in the hot weather.

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