How to Elongate Legs With Clothes

How to Elongate Legs With Clothes

If your legs are short in proportion to the rest of your body, this article is for you. Perhaps you want to look taller since you have a petite frame.

You may be tall, if not very tall, but your legs are still short.

Or, perhaps you do have long legs, but you still want to draw attention to that feature of your body because you appreciate it.

Therefore, regardless of your starting height, clothing can help us play with proportions visually.

Here are some of my suggestions to visually lengthen your legs through the clothing that you wear.

Let’s start with the bottom portion of your clothing.


You would prefer full-length pants or perhaps even a little bit longer so that the pants almost touch the floor when you have your shoes on rather than the crop length or 7/8 length that was popular in recent years.

In terms of length, look for brands that provide a range of options. Denim brands frequently act in that manner.

Don’t completely cut off the hem of newly purchased pants if you do need to shorten it. Simply leave about two centimeters more than what the tailor advises.

I do believe that skinny pants generally make your legs appear shorter, therefore I’d prefer to get something that is straight-legged or a boot cut in terms of fit.

Jeans that are really saggy or oversized make you appear wider. And we’re making an effort to look taller. Consequently, that is the wrong path.

Boots & Shoes

The optically easiest option when choosing shoes to pair with this is to match the shoes to the pants. Black pants and pointed heels are one example. The same could be done, though, with any other color.

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Platform shoes are a better option if you dislike wearing high heels. You will get the same outcomes, but in a more comfortable manner.

Because it makes the legs make longer, this monochromatic look is enduring and quite attractive.

Ankle or mid-calf boots, on the other hand, are definitely the style of shoe you should stay away from. They visually cut the leg in half.

If you have small legs, it’s really difficult to rock them unless you entirely hide them with very long pants.

Shorts and Skirts

The petite females will be aware of how difficult it is to locate shapes that genuinely flatter. I would advise choosing a high-waisted, mini length option.

The mid-thigh or just above the knee are not attractive. Mini is better.

Off-duty models are well familiar with it. It’s something they do all the time. To make their legs appear longer, they are wearing high-waisted mini shorts.

Skirts are subject to the same rules. If you are going to wear a skirt, my advice is that the shorter it is, the better. Also having a high waist.

You will have far more options in the skirts section than the shorts section at this time due to the state of the fashion business.

We must tackle the topic of shoes if you are wearing shorts or a skirt that exposes your bare skin.

We want to show as much of the feet as we can in order to elongate the exposed legs.

Look at these slingback sandals from Chanel.

Chanel Two-tone Slingback Heels

Because the pale portion of the shoe was made to match the wearer’s skin tone, they are quite cleverly designed. The only portion of the foot that is visible is the black toe; the rest appears to be a leg. Very smart.

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Since that design was introduced many years ago, numerous brands have copied it. Furthermore, there are options for various skin tones.

In general, sandals that show the foot at least partially will always look longer than closed shoes.


This introduces the subject of tights. I am aware that tights aren’t particularly trendy right now. However, if you are wearing tights, your feet and legs are practically fused together.

Look any tights advertisement. A model’s feet will always be pointed, and she’ll wear a thong or body one-piece top over tights that rise high above the hips.

It is not a coincidence. It’s always done that way to make the impression that their legs are 50% longer than yours because of the tights.


What about the top half of the outfit, you could ask? The top and bottom can match. If this isn’t your thing, there are other options as well.

The best top to wear is one that you can tuck into your pants since it adds volume only at the top of the pants.

Your legs will therefore appear extremely lengthy if your pants are high-waisted or even higher than your belly button. When compared to the volume that you are making at the top, your hips will appear to have less width while at the same time they will appear more narrow.

The more volume you add at the top, the more you want that volume effect. It might be knit or poplin fabric.

Here is yet another illustration of the ideal extension look:

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High-waisted pants with flared bottoms, tight hips, and stripes to give the appearance of height, possibly topped off with the tallest platform shoes you’ve ever seen.

Any print design that is vertical will elongate the silhouette. Therefore, look for shapes or motifs that are really vertical and extended for the bottoms of the garment rather than the top. You’ll want something horizontal for the top.

Therefore, the top usually has horizontal, broader stripes, while the pants frequently have vertical stripes.



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