How to Style Leather Pants (For Women)

How to Style Leather Pants

Here, I’ll show you the dos and don’ts of styling leather pants.

Leather or faux leather pants are two of my favorite pants. They’re a fantastic staple for a timeless, yet wearable, and on-trend wardrobe.

I should preface this article by saying that it should be taken with a grain of salt. You are free to wear your leather pants anyway you wish.

However, for me and my particular style, this is how I would style them vs how I would probably not style them.

This article will mostly focus on how to style them for a more classic, timeless, and classy look.

Let’s get down to business with the dos and don’ts.

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Mix Colors, Textures and Fabrics

Mixing colors, textures, and textiles with your leather pants is the first thing I would recommend.

By the way, whenever I use the term “leather” in this article, I’m referring to both real and fake leather.

It’s simple to believe that leather pants are a frightening fabric for some people.

They’re a little strange, a little odd, and a little more difficult to put on than a pair of jeans or a pair of plain leggings.

But, in my opinion, they are well worth it, and I would strongly advise mixing colors, textures, and fabrics. Because the juxtaposition between the leather and the other thing you’re wearing is appealing.

These pants look fantastic with a striped navy sweater or cardigan. I’d also pair the pants with colorful cardigans to give the leather pants and cardigan a fluffy contrast.

I would also wear color, but it would be more neutral colors like khakis, baby blues, navies, and other such things.

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I’m not a huge fan of the color pop trend for the simple reason that it doesn’t suit me.

I’ll possibly stretch to a mint in a cardigan, but beyond from that, I try to avoid anything too vibrant and bright, preferring to stick to more traditional timeless pieces that I can mix and match with my existing wardrobe.

So mixing colors, textures, and fabrics is my number one technique to style leather pants.

Don’t Style With Athleisure

Then there’s a don’t when it comes to leather pants styling.

Personally, I wouldn’t wear these with a lot of athleisure. By that I think wearing them with trainers or chunky trainers, and a bit of a sports top, like sports crop or a hoodie.

That, in my opinion, does not function very well. I’m sure there are those that can do it flawlessly. It doesn’t really work for me, and it doesn’t really go with my overall traditional style.

That is probably not something I would do with leather trousers. If you want to go for a more athletic image, black or other color leggings are a good choice. That would be a great solution.

Leather pants, on the other hand, That doesn’t seem to work for me.


One thing you can and should do with your leather pants is dress them up with tailoring, particularly with a blazer.

Blazers are extremely adaptable and go well with leather trousers. They look fantastic with just a simple vest top, a long sleeve top, or even a t-shirt underneath.

It might be a camel hue blazer, a beige blazer, or a black blazer. Any color blazer will look great if you keep the top below the blazer neutral.

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You may also wear your leather pants with a bulky knit and a blazer over the top in the winter. That would be fantastic.

T-shirts and various types of vest tops are what I’m wearing most of the time. On your feet, I would wear them with a pair of loafers or boots. That would look pretty good, and it would be really classic and timeless, in my opinion.

No High Black Boots

Wearing leather pants with high black boots is something I try to avoid when it comes to leather pants.

Personally, I don’t think this flatters my figure, and probably yours as well. I’m sure there will be women who make it seem beautiful, but I don’t think the all-black aesthetic works for me.

If you’re wearing leather leggings, they’ll look fantastic because of the tighter band around the ankle. Leather trousers are usually a little more open, with a wider leg and a little more flare at the bottom.

When I wear all black, it just cuts off my legs a little bit, and I need that gap showing off my ankle to make my legs look longer and flatter them a little bit more.

So, while an all-black look doesn’t work for me, wearing a brown boot, a beige boot, or even a creamy white boot looks amazing because it breaks up the all-black line and significantly flatters my legs.

Pair Them With Feminine Items

Pairing them with really feminine items, such as belly pumps, feminine shirts, tops, chiffon and flowy materials, is something I would encourage and like doing.

Just to give that juxtaposition between a tough, rough style of leather pants on the bottom and a more dainty feminine look on the top.

For instance, I might put my hair up, put on a pair of pearl earrings, and wear a delicate white shirt or chiffon top. That would be stunning.

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You could also wear it with a pair of narrow-line boots or a pair of slight heels. That would be just beautiful.

I think the combination of the feminine with the grungy, tougher look of the leather pants works really well.

No Crop Top

Wearing a crop top with a pair of leather trousers is something I would absolutely avoid if I wanted to go for a more classic and timeless look.

That, in my opinion, does not work. Personally, I don’t believe that’s an attractive traditional appearance. That’s something I think individuals much younger should be able to do.

For my wardrobe, I don’t think mixing cropped goods, such as crop tops, with a pair of leather pants works because it doesn’t quite give off the aesthetic that I’m going for.

However, if you wanted to wear a crop with a pair of leather trousers, you could add an oversized cardigan or something to give you a bit more coverage on top to make it look more classic and avoid displaying too much skin.

However, I personally would not want to flaunt or expose myself too much.

That concludes my list of basic dos and don’ts for styling leather pants.

How to Wear Leather Pants

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