How to Dress Like Maverick From Top Gun

How to Dress Like Maverick From Top Gun

Top Gun is one of the most classic movies from the 1980s.

The main character, Maverick, also has a killer sense of style when it comes to wearing a leather jacket.

Even though the original Top Gun was released more than 30 years ago, the classic, all-American aviator look will never go out of style.

Tom Cruise’s legendary role as Maverick constantly comes to mind when we think of him, and the main character from Top Gun cannot be imagined without his white t-shirt, army jacket, and classic aviator sunglasses.

So what’s the trick to copying his recognizable style?

Time for another movie challenge, guys.

I’ll describe how to dress like Maverick from Top Gun in this article.


Let’s begin with the clothing first.

Without a doubt, that leather jacket serves as the foundation of Maverick’s style. It’s a classic G-1 flight jacket, initially produced in 1947.

Although it isn’t explicitly revealed in the film, the jacket most likely belonged to his father as the G-1 was no longer the industry standard for pilots in 1986.

The elastic waistband and cuffs are two important characteristics of the classic bomber. the fur lined collar and the two patch pockets on the waist.

Additionally, the jacket is adorned in a variety of patches honoring various naval vessels, military formations, and tours of duty.

He wears a plain white cotton t-shirt underneath that famous leather jacket. He likes to wear the classic crewneck with a chest pocket.

Since it is the 1980s, dark washed denim is not appropriate in this setting. Instead, he wears a pair of straight-fitting jeans with a light to medium wash.

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He wears a simple black leather belt.


The sunglasses Maverick wears are now equally legendary as the leather jacket.

Since they were first created for pilots during World War II, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses have gained huge popularity among both the military and civilian population.

The glasses are much more ray-blocking than others and are quite light.

Maverick is sporting a pair with a gold frame and the traditional teardrop shape.


The watch comes next. He wears a Porsche Design chronograph in the aviator style.

Now, this watch costs $10,000. That’s a bit expensive for the scope of this article, so I’m going to choose a different approach.

The black metal bracelet, the black case and watch face, as well as the three chronograph dials, are the major details I’m looking for.


He wears a pair of cowboy boots. With a combination of red, yellow, and green leather, the boots are quite flamboyant, which fits the character’s rebellious personality perfectly.

Since I was unable to acquire boots in those colors, I decided to stay with the more traditional brown leather that he is seen sporting in the 2022 Top Gun movie.


Now, let’s address the grooming. I’m going to shave off my beard because the navy mandates that pilots be clean shaven; a short mustache is OK, though.

To make shaving easier, I’ll shave the bulk away with a trimmer. Now, in the 1980s, using a multi-blade cartridge razor with an aerosol shaving cream was the most common method of shaving.

Because the substances in shaving cream in a can aren’t the best for your skin, I won’t endorse it today.

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Use a shaving cream or gel with natural ingredients whenever possible.

The benefits of maintaining a clean shaven appearance go beyond aesthetics to include practical ones as well. When flying, a good seal on your oxygen mask is essential, and facial hair can get in the way.


The navy also has particular guidelines about haircuts. Short sides that taper into the top of the haircut are required. And the top hair cannot be longer than four inches.

Upon closer inspection, Maverick’s hair appears to have been styled with gel but is still a little bit unruly.

Ready to put everything together and try it?

Coolness and style are ageless. Put on your leather jacket and aviator sunglasses, then ride into the danger zone.

Top Gun Maverick style


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