Men’s Denim Jacket Style Guide

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Men's Denim Jacket Style Guide

When I use the adjectives cool, carefree, timeless, and sexy, what do you picture as being a must for a man’s wardrobe?

It’s the denim trucker jacket, as you may have guessed or at least inferred from the article’s title.

I’m going to go over all the information you need to know about your new favorite jacket in this guide, including the various colors, how it should fit, and how to wear it.

Why Denim Jacket?

What is the real purpose of a denim trucker jacket?

Although people often associate rock musicians and celebrities with denim jackets, you don’t actually need a motorcycle or guitar to pull one off.

As long as you get the fit right and wear it in a way that complements your unique sense of style, they flatter males of all ages and body types.

Have I mentioned how unexpectedly versatile these bad boys are when it comes to style?

With the right denim trucker jacket, you may put together dozens of rugged yet fashionable outfit combinations that are appropriate for a wide range of social occasions, from a Friday night out on the town to a Sunday brunch with mom.

They’re also extremely low-maintenance, long-lasting, cost-effective, and lightweight, making them great for layering. And their appeal hasn’t diminished since they were originally made public.

Additionally, they look better the more you wear them.


That’s what I assumed.

When to Wear?

When is the right time to wear a denim trucker jacket?

Although it isn’t as warm as a parka or a pea coat, it gives you a ton of layering options and goes with everything from merino wool sweaters to simple white t-shirts.

Because of this, it is ideal for the fall, spring, and even those chilly summer evenings.

It should not, however, be the first jacket you reach if it is raining. In fact, considering that it is neither windproof nor waterproof, it probably shouldn’t even be in the top five.

This implies that you might not have many opportunity to wear your denim jacket if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain.

There is a warmer denim jacket available on the market that is worth looking into if you need something for the winter.

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It’s the shearling denim jacket that will keep you cozy and stylish. Although it isn’t completely waterproof, it will keep you warmer than an unlined version.

Wash or Color

Let’s have a brief discussion on the trucker jacket’s wash. Wash is basically just another name for the denim color.

Going a light to medium blue wash would be my recommendation if this is your first denim trucker jacket.

The reason for this is that you may even wear it with your dark wash jeans, making this color the most versatile.

Denim over denim is OK as long as the brighter and darker colors are noticeably different from one another. Simply said, we want to make sure that the color contrast in the outfit is sufficient to prevent it from coming off as a Canadian tuxedo.

Even better is a darker denim jacket, but keep in mind that it is less versatile and actually only looks good with chinos or wool pants rather than jeans.

Another great substitute for leather jackets is a gray or black denim jacket, especially when worn with other black clothing. They possess a more rugged and macho style than a classic bomber jacket would.

Finally, you should never buy a jacket with pre-sewn patches or intentional distressing. Let’s simply apply this fact to every piece of apparel in your closet.

Nail The Fit

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to get the fit right when choosing a denim jacket.

If you want to ensure that masculine silhouette, first make sure your jacket isn’t too tight or baggy.

The jacket should be the perfect fit for you when the bottom of the garment sits at or just below your hips and the jacket’s shoulder seam hits where your shoulder finishes. Anything higher gives off a more feminine look.

When trying one on, make sure it fits comfortably over one of your sweaters to make sure you have the adequate amount of room for layering.

The sleeves should just barely reach past or around the bend of your wrist.

The size of this jacket may not fit properly if you are a shorter, heavier-set man who usually wears a size large or higher.

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The length of the jacket and the sleeves will likely be too lengthy due to the need to fit your wider shoulders. We do not want this because it will just highlight your shorter height and heavier physique even more.

A bomber jacket will look stylish and better balance out your proportions if you are unable to find a denim jacket that suits your shape properly.

One last little piece of advice when purchasing your first jacket.

It will be somewhat stiff if you choose raw denim, which you actually don’t have to do these days.

Put it into the cold wash on the regular cycle as soon as you get home, then let it air dry. This will make the fabric less stiff, enabling it to fit your torso, shoulders, and arms better.

Keep in mind that your denim jacket will look, feel, and age better the more you wear it.

Styling Tips

You’ve made the conscious decision to purchase your first denim jacket. Congratulations!

Let’s get to the fun part, which is putting together your outfits, shall we?

The traditional outfit of a trucker jacket over a simple or understated t-shirt comes first.

These classic pieces really work together so nicely and go with so many different shoe combinations, as well as jeans, chinos, and wool pants.

The relaxed casual alternative to the traditional sports coat and dress shirt look is to replace the t-shirt with an Oxford shirt if you really want to take that casual rock star look to the next level of elegance.

The next topic to discuss is layers.

Denim jackets were designed to be layered. They are great for the colder months because of this.

You may layer your jacket over t-shirts, sweaters, flannels, and casual button-down shirts. You may maintain a stylish but laid-back appearance by layering a denim jacket over a hoodie, which would definitely fall under the relaxed style category.

You should always layer from the thinnest fabrics out to the thickest, according to the fundamental layering guideline.

If you prefer wearing your denim jacket with your favorite pair of chinos rather than denim on denim, do so.

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Chinos are a great substitute for jeans that look just as good. For a more upscale look, you could also pair your new jacket with a pair of wool trousers.

Color Combinations

Depending on the color of your chosen jacket, try some of the color combinations below.

First, if you chose a light-washed version of the fabric, it will look great with dark-wash jeans or chinos in any of the fall-appropriate hues, such as brown, navy, olive  or burgundy.

You’re fully set for fall when you pair chukka boots with a basic plain-colored t-shirt.

Though you can also wear them with thicker wool pants, a darker denim jacket will look best when paired with your go-to chinos. They could also be worn with white or black jeans if you’re wearing jeans.

The light gray denim jacket will be a little less versatile when paired with jeans if that’s what you choose. You must be very careful to select the appropriate ones. Basically, you should wear all black, including black wool trousers, black chinos, and black jeans.

You may even be mistaken for a rock star if you wear it with a simple black or white t-shirt and a pair of black Chelsea boots.

Paring With Shoes

When it comes to wearing your denim jacket with shoes, sneakers will always give your ensemble a more laid-back appearance, while lace-up boots have a more rugged, harsher vibe.

But if you want something more sophisticated, why not try a pair of chukkas, penny loafers, or Oxfords?

Just keep in mind: no open-toed sandals and no white socks.

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