How You Can Wear a Suit Jacket With Jeans

can you wear a suit jacket with jeans

I’m going to talk about how to wear a suit jacket with jeans, how a man can do it, and what to look out for.

This is something that many people have asked about.

Can you wear a suit jacket with jeans? What’s the best way to wear a suit jacket with jeans?

There will be some who will say, “Never wear a suit jacket with jeans,” especially on message boards.

These are the same people who claim that a pair of dress shoes should never cost less than $500, among other things.

At the end of the day, we want to get the most out of the clothes we already have.

We have this jacket, and we want to put it to good use since we paid for it, and we want to get the most bang for our buck by wearing it.

3 Key Points

There are three things that you must keep in mind.

You must consider the jacket’s style.

You should consider the type of jeans you’ll be wearing it with.

Consider the occasion for which you’ll be wearing the jeans and suit jacket.

I’m not talking about blazers with jeans, nor do I mean sports jackets and jeans.

Those are two different topics. When you talk about a suit jacket, you’re referring to a jacket that was designed to be worn with a suit. It wasn’t designed to be an unusual jacket.

It was made as a suit jacket to be worn with a pair of suit trousers.

What Should You Never Do?

Allow me to make one point.

You don’t want to wear that suit jacket or those pants separately if this is your only suit and it’s an excellent suit.

You’ll want to keep those together since if that’s your only suit, you’ll only wear it on important occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and other occasions when you’ll need it.

You’ll be concerned about a number of additional variables.

You don’t want to grab that suit, and you see there’s a different shade of color there because you’ve worn the jacket 20 times and the pair of trousers once.

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Because when you wear something and leave it out in the sun for hours on end, the color can fade.

If you send it to the cleaners without the pants, you’ll notice a bit of fading that you won’t notice until you’re out in the sunlight or under a light, at which point it no longer looks like a suit.

So, if that’s your only suit, make sure you don’t try to pair it with jeans.

I’m referring to the situation where you’re wearing a suit jacket and attempting to make sense of things. “Hey, can I use this?”

Perhaps you’re in a thrift store and come across a fantastic suit jacket that you believe would look amazing with jeans.

Let’s go over the three points again.

Type of Jacket

First and foremost, put it on. Is it a good fit for you?

Don’t proceed any farther if it doesn’t fit you and can’t be altered to fit you. This is not something you want to put on.

The style is the second part.

Does this suit jacket have a 1970s vibe to it? Maybe that’s how you roll. Perhaps you work in a creative sector and are attempting to accomplish this.

There are either big lapels or a splash of psychedelic color. Go for it if that’s your style.

You may go to the next step. If it isn’t, and you’re just getting started, don’t go any further.

How to Wear Suit Jacket With Jeans For Men

Number three, let’s look at the fabric.

If it’s navy blue, one thing you can do if it fits you and the look is good is swap out the buttons and you’ve got yourself a blazer. That’s fantastic.

And when it’s time to replace those buttons, which you can do yourself or pay a seamstress or tailor $20 to do, you go to Joann’s or get them online. In any case, that doesn’t appear like a suit anymore.

You’ve actually made it into a blazer, because that’s essentially what a blazer is: a jacket with a nautical theme.

You can use a choice of buttons, but you should upgrade from the plastic or the extremely basic looking buttons that come with a blue suit, because otherwise, it will appear like a navy suit that you’re attempting to wear as a blazer.

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So, go ahead and complete the makeover.

If it’s a dark grey suit or a grey suit, I think it’s a little bit risky. Grey jackets are not my favorite.

I believe you should leave your trousers grey and then change everything else around them, but that is a personal preference.

On greys, I say “no.”

When it comes to wearing black, you can do so in the evening. That’s more of a night look, especially if your hair is the proper color. You can pull off black if you have black hair.

Don’t go black if you have blonde hair and light skin. There’ll be too much of a contrast.

I’m not sure about black, but I’ll go with “yes.” I’m not sure about greys, but I’m going to say no.

The lone exception is light greys, which can be worn as sports jackets. I think it can look excellent, especially if you mix them with a darker pair of pants.

You’re in luck if you come across a tweed jacket that was originally part of a tweed suit, as tweed is one of the most popular sports jacket fabrics.

You want this suit jacket that you’re trying to pass off as a sports jacket to appear as if it doesn’t belong with a suit.

It was an odd jacket, and when I say odd, I mean that it wasn’t made to go with a matching pair of trousers.

Tweeds, herringbones, and anything with a check pattern or a windowpane look amazing since they’re unconventional.

It still has the form and shape of a good jacket, but the fabric is a touch unconventional, which is precisely what you want in a sports jacket.

Type of Jeans

Take a peek at the denim. Let’s take a look at those jeans.

If you’re a young man in a rock band, aim for the faded appearance with torn-up jeans.

If you’re not in a rock band or aren’t particularly fashion-savvy, go for dark, well-fitted, thin jeans that will look excellent.

I’m not referring to slim jeans here. I’m referring to jeans that are appropriate for your body type.

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If you’re a big guy, you’re obviously not going to want to wear skinny jeans.

I like the darker jeans because wearing a jacket usually means you’re upping the ante. You’re starting to dress up a little more.

It just looks better with the slim, dark, well-fitted jeans.

You can wear medium-colored jeans with this outfit. Just stay away from the dad jeans that aren’t well-fitted.


Is this an occasion where you’d be able to pull something like this off? Because wearing a suit jacket with a pair of dark, high-quality jeans isn’t the same thing as wearing a suit.

You must have a proper suit if they ask for suits to be worn.

You can certainly pull it off if it’s a casual occasion or a business casual event in a town.

However, you must know where you’re going with it.

It’s a more sophisticated type method, but it’s something that many men can master if they look into it.

It always appears better than a man dressed in khakis with a formal shirt and tie.

At the end of the day, you must be relaxed. It’s a good idea to practice wearing it. In the mirror, take a look at yourself.

Take a look at the suit’s shoulder pads as well. It may not function well if the shoulder pads are excessively structured.

If possible, choose a piece with natural shoulders. Unless you have no shoulder structure at all, you should go with a structured shoulder.

That is how you wear a suit jacket with jeans.

wearing jeans with a suit jacket


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