8 Fashion Tips For Petite Women

Fashion Tips For Petite Women

What should a petite person wear? What kind of fashion choices should you make if you are on the shorter side?

I’ll go over the top 8 errors that I’ve observed many short girls making in this article.

Oversized Bags

Carrying bags that are too oversized is the number one mistake petite women make. You need something big and practical for your daily work because you have so many things to carry, especially if you have kids.

But you must understand that carrying large bags may give the impression that you are overwhelmed. This is something that I have witnessed countless times. When I observe women of petite stature carrying extremely large bags, they look to be struggling to do so.

You should stay away from doing that.

The proper way to carry a bag is to have a medium-sized bag that is proportional to your body; these bags are practical, allow you to carry enough items, and prevent you from appearing to be struggling with them.

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Bulky Platform Shoes

I frequently observe petite women, especially younger women, making this error. Given that you look five inches taller right away and that they are easier on your feet, platform shoes appear to be the best option.

That’s accurate.

However, if the platform is overly thick, it makes your bottom considerably bulkier. They really make your proportion worse and your legs appear shorter, not taller, as they should.

They have no effect on improving your proportion.

Baggy Jeans

I got it. Everyone needs a comfortable pair of jeans. There are times when our only concern is our comfort. That is acceptable when you are at home or when you are with your children on the playground. You want to feel as comfortable as you can.

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It makes sense that way.

Generally, shorter women do not usually look flattering in baggy jeans. Because baggy jeans make you appear shorter and bulkier, they should be avoided.

What would suit short girls better?

You ought to be wearing properly fitted bottoms. I’m not advocating that you wear skinny jeans all the time.

You might not want to wear something so tight on your body if you have a pear-shaped body or if you recently put on weight.

Choose between the flare leg or the bootcut style of jeans in that situation. Although they are finely fitted, they are not quite as tight as skinny jeans. They lengthen your legs and improve your proportion because of the cut and leg shape.

Long Skirts

Avoid wearing long skirts. Short women should wear short skirts, according to the majority of fashion magazines and stylists.

For petite women, short skirts always work nicely.

However, you are definitely missing out if you avoid wearing long skirts because of that. Since wearing long skirts can be a great way to improve our proportion,  particularly if you pair a long skirt with a short top.

Your legs will appear lot longer as a result, and your proportion will look much better.

Maxi Dresses

Should you avoid wearing maxi dresses? Because they are so long, maxi dresses are frequently avoided by petite women.

You’re doing it wrong if you do that because maxi dresses might be one of your wardrobe’s most figure-flattering pieces.

Here’s why.

If you’re short, concentrate on making a column of colors. That means you want a single column of continuous color to extend from your shoulders down. Your body frame will elongate as a result, and you’ll look considerably better.

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A maxi dress will do exactly that for you. Your legs appear to be much longer as a result.

Ankle Straps

The next mistake is wearing ankle straps. For petite women, pumps are typically a better option because they don’t have an ankle strap.

Because the strap around your ankle forms that horizontal line, it gives the appearance that your leg has been cut off.

If you must wear shoes with ankle straps, make sure they are neutral in color. Or, if you have a darker skin tone, make sure the straps match your skin tone as closely as possible.

In addition to this, you need to check that the straps that go around the ankles are not too wide. By blending with your skin tone, they will make it difficult to see the horizontal line that severs your leg even when you are wearing them.

Wide Leg Pants

The next mistake is wearing wide leg pants incorrectly.

In general, short women find it tougher to wear wide leg pants. Why is that?

Because increasing the width of your body rather than the length is something you want to avoid doing to your body. Short women aspire to lengthen their bodies and appear slimmer and longer.

Wide leg pants typically don’t do that.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear wide leg pants, either; they are quite comfortable.

They can be worn, but only if they are worn correctly.

Make sure your top fits properly if you want to wear wide leg pants. Because it just does not look flattering on short girls if both your bottom and your top are bulky.

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Additionally, you must ensure that your wide leg pants are long enough. They have the horizontal line that will make your legs look shorter if they are shorter than your ankle.

But if they’re long enough, they’ll lengthen your legs and make your proportion look better.

Oversized Layering

This occurs frequently, especially if you reside in a region that gets colder in the winter.

Many petite women are dressed in various layers. They are oversized, therefore they don’t look nice on them.

Layering is necessary in the winter since we all want to be warm, but you must realize that each layer you put to your body adds another horizontal line.

If you have an excessive amount of them, your body will appear cut off, and your proportion will be off.

The proper approach is to wear in monochromatic tones so that you can’t really identify where your top ends and your bottom begins. You also wear in a well-fitted blazer or coat on top of it.

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