How to Do Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle, Tutorial

How to Do Bubble Ponytail

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Here is how to do a super sleek pony, but a bubble ponytail version. This sleek ponytail hairstyle is super easy and stays in place all day. This hairstyle takes about 5 minutes and it looks super trendy and cute.

Preparation and Tools

  • The presenter mentions the need for specific products like a day styling cream, wax stick, clear elastics, and a bristled brush.
  • Clear instructions are given on the process of gathering hair and pulling it upwards for the sleek ponytail.

Smoothing Technique

  • Emphasis is placed on smoothing the hair first with fingers and then using a comb for a polished look.
  • The importance of smoothing the hair underneath is highlighted, promoting a comprehensive and neat appearance.

Face-Lifting Effect

  • The presenter suggests that pushing the hair upwards during the smoothing process can create a face-lifting effect, enhancing cheekbones and overall facial features.

Product Application

  • A day styling cream is applied to the smoothed hair, with positive comments about its fragrance.
  • The wax stick is used primarily on the sides to control movement and manage tiny baby hairs.

Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

Ponytail Creation

  • The hair is secured into a ponytail using elastics, with a preference for those designed for fine hair due to their strength.
  • The presenter uses a wax stick and a comb to perfect the sleekness of the ponytail.

Bubble Braid Technique

  • The video transitions to creating a bubble braid within the ponytail.
  • A small piece of hair is taken from underneath to cover the ponytail, creating a wrapped effect around the hair band.
  • Clear elastics are used at intervals down the ponytail, creating bubbles that are intentionally made to look uneven and slightly messy for a trendy appearance.
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Final Styling Tips

  • The bubbles are fluffed out to make them look fuller and add a touch of style.
  • The overall result is described as a sleek hairstyle that keeps the hair out of the face, remaining trendy and in style throughout the day.

Additional Personal Touch

  • The presenter adds a personal touch by expressing a preference for asymmetrical and slightly messy bubbles to complement the sleekness of the hair.


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