Top 10 Handbag Trends For 2023

Handbag Trends For 2023

This video features top ten handbag trends for the year 2023.

The video begins by discussing the different types of shoppers and how the author’s picks for handbag trends will appeal to both those who prioritize function and those who prioritize aesthetics.

She then introduces the first trend, which is the crescent moon shaped bag. She shows different variations in size and shape and notes that the trend is great for those who like smaller bags or want one that is good arm candy but still functional.

She also talks about denim handbags as a trend that she’s seeing more of and thinks will be popular for spring and summer. She notes that it’s a great way to continue adding denim to an outfit in a fun way.

Throughout the video, she shares her thoughts on each trend and shows examples of handbags that fit into each category. She also highlights the features of each bag that make it practical and functional, such as pockets and crossbody straps.

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