Handbag Buying Guide (Different Types of Handbags)

handbag buying guide

In this handbag buying guide, I’ll show you how to find the ones you want!

Only three of them exist. You only need three bags in your closet, believe it or not.

Of course, if you want to have the complete set, you’ll need more than three. When you’re first starting out, however, you’ll need three. Three basic handbags.

But from totes to satchels, to crossbodies to clutches, it can be overwhelming!

So, in this guide, I’ll show you all you need to know about buying a handbag. I’ll also assist you in finding the look for a lower price.

Anyway, let’s get this party started!

Different Types of Handbags

The correct handbag can truly make or break an ensemble, and you should have at least three.

A daily handbag, a weekend handbag, and an out-on-the-town handbag are all necessary.

Now, each of these bags has a distinct function, and neither can do the function of the other.

Soon you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Daily Handbag

Let’s begin with the Daily handbag.

This is a well-made handbag that can survive a lot of wear and tear. It’s your primary carry-on. You want long-lasting quality, so go for the best you can afford.

Because a classic design will never go out of style, it is well worth the expense.

It should be large enough to hold whatever you need, whether it’s a laptop or a bag of cheerios for the kids.

However, regardless of your budget, there are a few timeless styles to consider in this category.

Satchel Handbag

It includes a divided interior so you can find everything you need easily. It’s usually well-structured and ideal for professional settings. It usually has two handles, one of which is a top handle, and a shoulder strap.

Hobo Handbag

It has a more relaxed appearance. It’s unconstructed and has a lot of space inside. But resist the urge to overfill it. The look should be slouchy rather than crammed.

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is available in a number of sizes and should fit comfortably under your arm. One of the originals is the quilted Chanel handbag with the twin chain handle.

The two chains provide a jewelry-like look and may be split to become a crossbody bag.

If you can afford two daily bags, acquire one in a cool color like black, blue, or grey, and one in a warm hue like brown, tan, or olive.

Determine whether you prefer cool or warm tones and invest more in that bag, as it will be the one that gets the most use.

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If you can only do one, a cognac-colored purse (also known as burgundy) can be used with both warm and cool colors.

Weekend Handbag

These are the purses you’d carry on a more casual day. They don’t have to be as large as the everyday ones, but you’ll need to use them regularly for hands-free adventures like shopping and other weekend activities.

Tote Bag

This is tough enough to be a workhorse in sturdy leather, but it’s excellent for casual weekends, shops, and markets in softer constructions. In any case, this is designed for running errands.


For extremely big handbags like totes, hobos, gym bags, or beach bags, you’ll probably need a couple of them.

They keep all of the small items in one convenient location and make switching handbags a breeze.

Many tote bags come with matching pouches that can be removed, but anything from makeup purses to pencil boxes can be used instead. Enjoy yourself with these!

Crossbody Handbag

This is the bag to use when you need your hands free (think shopping, concerts, amusement parks).

If you’re curvy, the strap can annoy you by slicing you in half. If that’s the case, try wearing the bag on your hip rather than in front of your tummy.

Out-On-The-Town Handbag

When you’re dressed up and only need to carry a few things, these are the bags you utilize. For these occasions and clothes, everyday and weekend handbags are simply too large or casual.


I adore clutches! It has a really feminine and stylish feel to it. Because they’re little, you can go all out with the design without fearing that your outfit will be too busy.

Consider them to be ornamental jewelry.

If you don’t like having something under your arm all the time, many of them have a secret strap that you may wrap over your wrist or over your shoulder.

Evening Bag

These are quite unique! Others are sleek and simple, while others glitter with stunning accents.

They elevate your nighttime look in the same way that special jewelry does.

When they’re not in use, they’re like miniature works of art that may be used to dress up a shelf of accessories.

Just an etiquette reminder on these two, and really any handbag for that matter: it’s not proper to put your handbag on the table when you’re out dining, no matter how gorgeous it is. It should be placed on your lap under a napkin, behind your back, or next to you in a chair.

You may also use one of our ingenious purse hooks! They have a rubberized back and open out to hook onto a tabletop, giving you a convenient spot to hang your handbag no matter where you are.  A four-piece set costs around $12.

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So you’ll need at least three handbags in your wardrobe. There will be no disagreements!

Handbag Buying Guide

How to Buy a Handbag

With a charming, tiny summer dress or a pair of shorts, a big, structured purse will not look well. And it’ll look completely out of place with a cocktail dress.

So you’ll need three.

Fortunately, getting the proper appearance doesn’t have to be expensive, but you do need to know what you’re looking for to get quality that lasts.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when shopping for a handbag.

Nylon and canvas bags are unquestionably more laid-back. Keep this in mind if you require anything suitable for the workplace. Leather and synthetic leather bags, on the other hand, are adaptable enough to move from work to weekend.

Keep in mind the weight. Make sure it isn’t too heavy when it’s empty. Once you’ve packed everything you need, you don’t want straps poking into your shoulder.

Make sure it’s easy to open and close, has a large enough opening, and can fit your phone and other often carried goods.

Magnets should catch and release effortlessly, and zippers should glide smoothly. Any stress, on the other hand, will gradually wear the bag down.

Stitching on the handbag and the inside should be of high quality. There should be no dangling threads. It’s really aggravating to lose something beneath the bag’s lining.

Because here is where the most tension is put, the straps should be robust and tightly attached to the bag.

Now, here are some pointers for getting the look for less.

Dark colors tend to look richer and better disguise lower-quality leathers in low-cost handbags. If the bag is made of nylon, the material should be thick. It has a more expensive appearance and lasts longer.

Unless you’re buying a high-end luxury bag, large logos can detract from the overall appearance of your bag. If it doesn’t have any telltale names on it, a well-done “look for less” could be mistaken for a high-end bag.

The hardware should be strong and thick. There should be some weight to the brass or silver.

The print should line up at the seams if the garment is patterned. This is a high-end bag feature that may be difficult to discover on lower cheap handbags. Some patterns will match up better than others. Simply pick one that isn’t too obvious.

Most importantly, have a good time. Learn what makes something pricey by paying attention to the small things.

I’ve included my top picks in each area, with prices ranging from low to high. Even if the high-end bags are out of your financial range, give them a look.

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I’d like you to comprehend what makes a bag pricey.

This is how you learn to look for quality and how to get a good look for a low price. You must be aware of the specifics. In an ideal world, you would examine the leather in person and feel it.

You can actually feel the hardware and see what it looks like. So that when you’re out shopping, you may discover something that closely resembles it and is an excellent copycat.

This same approach can be used to purchasing accessories, apparel, or anything else for your wardrobe.

You want to have the best possible experience since you’ll learn what makes those things so pricey. Then you can go out and imitate that, to find that, and truly obtain a good appearance for less money.

There are a few things to consider after you’ve covered the basics.

Job Specific Bags

You’ll want to look at these if you’re looking for the perfect collection that every female deserves. Just to be clear, they are job-specific bags.

Phone Carrier

It’s ideal for when you only need your phone and possibly a credit card. It’s similar to a walking bag.

Weekend Getaway Bag

It’s the bag for a quick trip away for one or two nights. Avoid using a suitcase and instead go for an old duffel bag. Instead, you want to travel in elegance!

Gym Bag

These are going to get you back and forth from the gym, keeping everything in its place, thanks to strong tech construction, a designated area for dirty clothing, and just the proper amount of compartments.

Beach Bag

It’s fantastic to have a bag that’s only for the beach or the pool. Simply store your sunscreen, magazines, and toys in it until the next time you need them.

A bag will come in handy in this situation. It’s a wonderful, dry spot for your phone, keys, and other purse essentials.

Diaper Bag

This is the bag you’ll use every day. You’ll need something practical that complements your style (and that daddy won’t mind carrying!).

Don’t worry about choosing one that can also be used as a standard handbag. You’ll be ready to let it go by then, believe me!

I hope this buying guide assisted you in finding the handbag that you’ll fall in love with just as much as I did!

Different Types of Handbags

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