8 Brands That Make Sustainable Bags, Eco Friendly

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Sustainable Bags, Eco Friendly

The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions.

InStyle has published an article highlighting eight sustainable and ethical handbag brands that combine style and environmental consciousness.

The brands below use responsible leather, vegan leather, and upcycled materials. They also treat their workers fairly, no matter where in the world they are .

Brands listed include Kayu, Mashu, Able, Mio Mojo, Pixie Mood, Behno, BEEN London, and Raven + Lily.

The article also provides information about each brand, their commitment to sustainability, and what makes them unique.

– Preserves indigenous craft of weaving
– Woven totes and clutches made by local artisans in Philippines and Ecuador
– Ethically harvested straw, scraps donated to farmers for fertilizer

– Hand-made bags made with vegan leather within a closed-loop system
– Made of furniture factory wood offcuts, recycled plastic, and signature metal handles
– Offer free repairs on bags for life, mailed in low-impact packaging

– Offers ethical leather basics made from discarded animal hides, deadstock, and scraps in a closed-loop water system
– 90% of staff are women
– Designs bags to be durable with a lifetime guarantee
– Leather conditioners available to keep items in good shape

Mio Mojo
– Advocates for ecological and animal wellness
– Use of apple leather and plastic bottles for statement and versatile bags

Pixie Mood
– Sells climate-positive staple bags with modern elements
– 100% vegan and PETA-approved leather made from recycled plastic bottles
– Some designs include cork
– Wallets have RFID protection

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– Trendy yet sustainable handbags made with Italian leather tanneries certified gold by the Leather Working Group
– Workers have access to healthcare clinics, family planning, and clean water, paid fair wages
– Use renewable energy in production and partnered with Textile Exchange

BEEN London
– The brand only uses recycled leather and plastic that otherwise would have gone to a landfill to make their zero-waste bags.
– The brand also upcycles apple peels and pineapple leaves to make their vegan leather and even plants a tree in the Amazon for each bag purchased.

Raven + Lily
– They use responsibly sourced materials and support women artisans in Ethiopia to make their bohemian bags.


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