How to Choose a Bag For Your Body Type

How to Choose a Bag For Your Body Type

This guide will help you choose the best bag for your body type.

Your body’s appearance might be significantly influenced by your handbag.

Considering how expensive handbags may be, we want to be certain that we’re doing it correctly.

When purchasing a handbag, especially one that will cost you money, it is important to get it right so that you will like carrying it, that it will go well with your wardrobe and body shape, and that you will get the most use out of it.

We want to buy less and better.

The structure of a handbag is one of the things we’ll discuss. Additionally, consider how long the chain or strap is that is attached to your handbag.

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Rectangle Body Shape

It is a body shape with equal dimensions at the shoulders, hips, and waistline. Almost no curves are present.

Instead of having a really linear line for the general form, we’re aiming to add a little bit of curvature to the overall look.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

One of the things available to you is to select a bag that may be worn across the body. This is going to cut that rectangle shape in two, which will throw off the structure of the body’s overall shape.

It is not crucial how long your strap is. It does not make a huge amount of difference for this body type whether you wear your bag on your hips or hold it up under your arm when you walk about.

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Because either way, it will make one part of the body a little bit bigger, which is great.

When you’re selecting a bag, go for something that’s going to be a little bit soft. Possibly a hobo-style bag. It will soften the overall appearance, which will balance out the rectangle’s straight lines.

The structure, not the length of the bag, is the primary factor to take into account in this situation. If you do opt for length, wear across body. That creates the illusion of a waistline, which complements the rectangle perfectly.

Apple Body Shape

The important thing is to create long lines for the round, apple, or oval shape.

How do we go about doing that?

We’ll pick handbags with long straps.

You may choose a crossbody style, which will cut across in between the breasts and eliminate any solid color that you could have there otherwise. Giving the illusion of a waistline or drawing attention to the waistline under the bust.

Anything with a short strap should be avoided because carrying it up under your arm will only increase volume. Where you currently have volume, it will increase it.

If you do decide to choose something with a short strap, carry it in your hand low and to the side.

We are compensating for the body’s roundness in terms of structure. So incorporate some lines and structure into the look.

By choosing a structured bag, you can achieve that. A boxy, rectangular-shaped bag. Consider anything that contrasts with the shape of your body.

Triangle Body Shape

The crossbody bag style is something the triangle shape should stay away from.

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This is one to avoid if you don’t want to bulk up your hip area any further.

A shorter strap that is held up under the arm is what you should be going for.

To give the upper part of the body volume, you really want something that sits up on the shoulder and simply goes under the arm.

When compared to other body shapes, you have a bit of structural flexibility that is not shared by all of the other body types.

You might choose something that is soft or something that has more structure.

The location and length of your bag’s strap are crucial factors in this situation.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The opposite will be true for the inverted triangle. We want to add volume to the body’s lower half.

Long-strapped handbags will be ideal for you in this situation. As long as it sits on the hip area, you can wear it cross-body or on the shoulder and down.

Whatever sits up under the arm should be avoided.

You have a little bit of freedom here in terms of the bag’s structure, just like with the triangle.

A structured bag is better for me than a somewhat softer one.

Hourglass Body Shape

You are given complete freedom when dealing with the hourglass type. But there’s a catch to that.

Because when you wear something on your hips, it adds volume and throws your balance off.

Therefore, you should make sure that you have something going on up top, whether it’s a large hood on your coat or a double breasted style coat. Something that will restore balance.

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Similarly, if you like to carry your handbag under your arm, you should reduce the volume. If not, it starts to look top heavy.

Regarding the design of your bag, you are free to do as you choose.

Your Frame

The size of your bag will be crucial if you are small-framed. Really, you shouldn’t be going for something big. For you, it will appear wildly out of proportion. It detracts from whatever else you are doing.

If you are petite, be careful not to choose a bag that is too big.

If you have a larger frame, whether it’s because you’re taller or fatter, you definitely don’t want to consider getting one of these small handbags.

You shouldn’t choose something that is too small if you are taller or wider. It will look to be lost in your body.

I hope this helps you choose wisely when it comes to your handbag and spend your money wisely so that you buy better and less frequently.


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