10 Fall 2023 Handbag Trends

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Fall 2023 Handbag Trends

This video discusses handbag trends for fall and winter 2023, with a focus on various styles and materials.

The author highlights the popularity of clutches as a handbag trend. These clutches are described as larger and more practical for everyday use. They come in various textures and materials, making them fashionable and versatile. The video also mentions the option to wear clutches as crossbody or shoulder bags.

The trend of bucket bags is discussed, emphasizing their roomy interiors and unique designs. The video suggests that bucket bags are a functional and stylish choice, with an affordable option mentioned.

The video highlights top handle bags as a significant trend. These bags can be small or large and often feature handles at the top, providing a classic and elegant look. The host showcases examples of top handle bags they personally own.

The presenter goes on to mention several other handbag trends for the season, including slouchy hobo bags, red and silver handbags, oversized bags, pillow soft pouches (which may include quilted or puffy designs), faux croc embossed handbags, and textured options like corduroy, suede, tweed, plaids, beaded, and studded handbags.

The author suggests that it’s acceptable to mix metallics, such as gold and silver, in your accessories, like handbags and jewelry.

The host mentions that red is a prominent color trend for the season and suggests adding a pop of red to your outfit through a handbag or shoes. Silver is also mentioned as a strong color trend.

The video concludes by summarizing the overall fashion trends for the season, emphasizing rich neutrals, rich colors, and rich textures.

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Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of various handbag trends for the fall and winter of 2023, with a focus on styles, materials, and color choices.

Fall 2023 Handbag Trends


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