Hailey Bieber Skin Care Routine

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Hailey Bieber Skin Care Routine

Who hasn’t dreamed of emulating Hailey Bieber’s signature glowing complexion? In this video she revealed all of the steps and products included in her skincare routine from the comfort of her bathroom, and even shared a few tips for maximizing her glow.

Find all of the secrets behind her radiant skin and its genuine healthy glow, including her cosmetic gems, a skincare product found in French pharmacies, and an expert blend of products.

Hailey Bieber emphasizes the importance of skincare preparation before makeup application.

Hailey starts her routine with Rhode Glazing Milk, applying a generous amount to achieve a dewy and hydrated base.

She then layers on Peptide Glazing Fluid, typically using four pumps, which complements the Glazing Milk and further preps the skin.

Barrier Restore Cream follows, chosen for its richness, especially beneficial before makeup application.

Hailey mentions her preference for Weleda Skin Food in areas prone to dryness, such as around the nose and under the eyes, due to its creamy and rich texture.

To enhance the glow, she applies a mix of Glazing Milk and a glowy highlighter, specifically Chanel Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid, for a natural and radiant finish.

Hailey showcases the newly launched tinted lip treatments, specifically the Peptide lip treatment in Salted Caramel, to ensure juicy lips.

She completes her routine by brushing up her brows, preparing them for makeup application.

Hailey notes that if she had more time, she would incorporate masks and under-eye masks into her routine for additional skin preparation.

She concludes by sharing that this routine is her go-to for both self-makeup application and professional makeup sessions.

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