Home Made Face Mask For Wrinkles

Home Made Face Mask For Wrinkles

This video is a reaction to a DIY recipe for a face mask that claims to remove wrinkles.

The speaker is a dermatologist who provides commentary on the ingredients and benefits of the mask.

He explains that massaging the face before applying the mask increases blood flow, which helps with absorption of the products.

The ingredients for the mask include Vaseline, milk, honey, and egg yolk.

The dermatologist highlights the benefits of each ingredient, such as Vaseline being a protectant, milk having lactic acid, honey being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and egg yolk having fats, minerals, and vitamins.

He also notes that using a brush to apply the mask could be problematic if not cleaned properly.

The dermatologist suggests leaving the mask on for 20 minutes and washing it off afterward. The expert also suggests using Vaseline after removing the mask for added moisturization.

Overall, he approves of the DIY recipe and suggests that it could be combined with other skincare routines.

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