Ariana Grande Skincare Routine & Makeup Tutorial

Ariana Grande Skincare Routine

Megastar Ariana Grande walks us through her beauty routine, from radiance-boosting skin care to retro-style makeup.

  1. Skin Care Routine:
    • Ariana starts with the Sarah Ford Biocell Oxygen Serum, a product recommended by her skincare professional, Sarah Ford. The serum is credited with transforming the texture of her skin, keeping it soft and smooth despite frequent use of makeup on set.
    • Following the serum, Ariana uses La Mer moisturizer mixed with SPF. Growing up in Florida and spending a lot of time in the sun, she emphasizes the importance of protecting the skin, especially when wearing makeup regularly.
  2. Undereye Care:
    • Ariana applies R.E.M. Beauty Undereye Cooling Balm, one of her favorite products, known for its cool and plumping texture. She also uses Shiseido eye patches to further enhance the undereye area, particularly after early morning meditation sessions.
  3. Makeup Application:
    • For her makeup base, Ariana uses R.E.M. Beauty Sweetener Foundation in the shade Light 8NW. She complements it with Sweetener Concealer in the shade Light 4G and sets her makeup quickly with Anastasia Vanilla Setting Powder to ensure it stays in place.
    • Ariana then fills in her eyebrows with MAC Eyebrow Styler in the shade Fling, creating a distinct Audrey Hepburn-inspired shape.
  4. ’60s Cat Eye Look:
    • Ariana shares her love for creating a ’60s-looking cat eye using R.E.M. Beauty’s multi-use eye stick in Intergalactic. She playfully acknowledges the challenge of doing makeup while unable to see well during the recording but expresses confidence that it will come together.
  5. Beauty Philosophy and Personal Insights:
    • Throughout the video, Ariana reflects on her changing relationship with beauty, discussing how makeup was once a way to hide but has now become a form of self-expression.
    • She reveals that she used to rely on lip fillers and Botox for a certain appearance but decided to stop in 2018, preferring to embrace her natural features, including smile lines.
    • Ariana expresses her appreciation for the beauty of aging and suggests that, while she may consider procedures like a facelift in the future, she values the discussion of such topics in the context of beauty secrets.
  6. Makeup Techniques and Products:
    • Ariana details various makeup techniques, such as creating a ’60s cat eye, using contour to address her hairline concerns, and applying blush in a unique manner.
    • She mentions specific products she uses, including contour labeled Nuria 2 (which she confesses to stealing from her makeup artist), Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, and Fenty setting spray.
  7. Fragrance and Lip Care:
    • Fragrance holds significance for Ariana, and she expresses joy in working on fragrance products. She recommends her Watermelon lip mask and mentions her appreciation for Hailey Bieber using it as well.
    • Ariana demonstrates a unique technique of applying lip stain, adding gloss, and then wiping it off to create the illusion of pigmented lips. She also shares her favorite lip gloss, MOD Vanilla.
  8. Humorous and Personal Anecdotes:
    • Ariana injects humor into the tutorial, sharing anecdotes such as her experience on “Drag Race” and the compliment she received from RuPaul about creating the perfect chocolate brown eye pencil.
    • She acknowledges the discombobulated nature of the makeup video on Vogue’s channel and playfully interacts with the audience, making the tutorial more engaging.
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Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

Overall, the video provides an intimate look into Ariana Grande’s beauty routine, makeup preferences, and personal reflections on beauty and self-expression.


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