How to Fix Dark Spots on Face in 3 Steps

How to Fix Dark Spots on Face

In this video, the speaker talks about how to fix dark spots or hyperpigmentation of the skin in three steps.

The first step to fixing dark spots is to stop their progression by addressing the initial insult to the skin that is causing them.

For example, if dark spots are caused by acne, the speaker recommends fixing the acne first before tackling the dark spots.

The second step is to know the depth of the dark spots in the skin, as this will affect the choice of treatment. The speaker recommends getting an accurate diagnosis of the type of dark spots, such as lentigo, sunspot, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or melasma, before starting any treatment.

In the third step, the speaker discusses the three main categories of treatment options for dark spots: topical products with targeted ingredients, oral pills, and procedures done in-office by a professional.

The speaker provides examples of her top picks for topical skincare products that can fade dark spots and cautions that procedures can be expensive and require multiple sessions.

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