How to Style a Corset Top

How to Style a Corset Top

This video provides viewers with three different ways to style a corset top based on their body type. The host demonstrates her top three favorite ways to style a corset top.

The first look showcased is a corporate chic style. The host pairs the corset top with a button-down shirt in a neutral color for a classic and professional look.

She suggests choosing either flared or tapered pants based on individual body shape. Flared pants are recommended for the host’s body shape, while the tapered cut is suggested for inverted triangle, hourglass, and rectangle body types.

The host also adds fuchsia platforms for a stylish touch. The outfit is accessorized with a headband, resulting in a high-fashion chic appearance suitable for the corporate world.

The second look focuses on showing a bit more skin. The host highlights the side detailing of the corset top and pairs it with either an a-line or fitted skirt, depending on body type and desired look. A fitted skirt is recommended for rectangle, pear, and hourglass figures, while an a-line skirt is suggested for rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, and apple shapes.

The host completes the look with ballet flats. The overall result is an interesting and sexy cowgirl vibe with a touch of elegance.

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The third look is aimed at creating a more sexy and glamorous style suitable for a date night or a night out with friends.

The host starts by discussing the importance of accessories for this type of look. She then presents two options: a pencil skirt and a tulip skirt.

A pencil skirt is recommended for rectangle, hourglass, and pear body types. The host mentions that horizontal stripes on the skirt can make the bottom half look wider, while vertical stripes can create a narrower look.

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Additionally, a tighter fit around the knee area enhances an hourglass figure. Alternatively, a tulip skirt is suggested for rectangle, inverted triangle, apple, and hourglass shapes. The tulip skirt adds dimension and interest to the lower half of the body, creating a curvier figure.

The host adds heels in a burgundy wine color for a stylish and sophisticated touch. The final look is described as ultra-sexy, sleek, elegant, and playful.

Throughout the video, the host emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s body shape and selecting clothing items accordingly to flatter one’s figure.

How to Style Corset Top

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