25 Biggest, Most Common Fashion Mistakes

Most Common Fashion Mistakes

These are the most common and biggest fashion mistakes that we all commit. We can all participate in these 25 fashion mistakes that are quite simple to correct.

It doesn’t mean we won’t make them again in the future, and it doesn’t mean we have to feel bad about the ones we’ve already made.

Let’s start with the first one, in no particular order.

Clothing With Wrinkles

We’ve all had that experience where we see something we want to wear but don’t feel like ironing or steaming it since it’s wrinkled and we think no one will notice.

They notice. It’s just not attractive.

Don’t do that if you don’t have time to steam or iron it.

Natural wrinkles in fabrics like linen or cotton do not look awful; in fact, wrinkled clothing is quite socially acceptable.

However, the wrinkles in the major body of your clothing, which are clearly due to the fact that you dried it but did not steam it, are not ideal.

Limiting Yourself to One Size

The second fashion blunder that we have all made is insisting on purchasing in a specific size.

You’ve always been a size 4, therefore when you go shopping, you’re just going to try on and buy and wear size 4.

What you don’t realize is that the item will run big or small, tight or loose, short or long, depending on the brand. Alternatively, the fabric may not stretch or may stretch.

Apart from the size, there are a slew of other aspects to consider while choosing clothing that will fit you.

Instead than focusing on the size of an item, think about how it fits you.

Clothing That Pulls & Pinches

This leads me to the next fashion mistake, which is wearing clothing that pulls and pinches.

It doesn’t look good when it pinches and pulls you, and the fabric is stretching and the shoulders are too tight.

It simply detracts from your ensemble. It does not appear to be a positive situation.

You should buy clothes that fit you, and you’ll be more comfortable as a result.

Not Striking a Balance

The next great fashion blunder that everyone makes, and one that I did for years before even realizing what it was and how to spot it, is that we don’t create balance in our clothes.

Wear a loose-fitting bottom with a tight-fitting top. Wear a tighter bottom with a loose-fitting top. If you’re wearing a loose-fitting outfit all over, cinch it around the waist, reveal your shoulder, or have some other method to show your shape.

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Showing Bra Straps

Your bra strap hanging out is the next fashion blunder.

That irritates me greatly. This is something I have definitely done.

Wear a tank top that hides your bra straps entirely. You can even move them around and they’ll stay covered.

Ill-fitting Bras

Wearing ill-fitting bras is the next fashion faux pas we’ve all made.

If your bras aren’t holding the girls up or supporting you, it’s time to get rid of them and acquire a new one.

This is a huge one since having a bra that properly fits and does its job may make your clothes appear a lot nicer.

Panty Lines That Can Be Seen

I know that’s the tiniest, most insignificant detail, and who cares, but it just detracts from your ensemble.

It only makes those pants, which are most likely really fine, look cheap.

Wearing a thong or seamless underpants is the best way to avoid this. Alternatively, make sure that the pants you buy aren’t too tight and reveal everything, or that they are made of a thicker fabric.

Incorrect Underwear Color

That leads to the next fashion faux pas, which is wearing underwear that shows through your pants but doesn’t give you panty lines.

Simply put on your nude underwear. Nude is always the way to go.

Keeping Things You Don’t Want

The next fashion mistake is to keep stuff that you don’t like. They’re taking up room in your closet, and you can’t find what you’re searching for, and you have nothing to wear since you have a lot of stuff you don’t like.

You’ve got to get rid of those things.

Heels That Make You Uncomfortable

Wearing heels that are too high to walk in is the next fashion gaffe we’ve all made.

I certainly did that because they were some very nice heels, but I looked terrible hobbling around in them because I couldn’t even balance myself on them.

Avoiding Color

The next fashion misjudgment we’ve all done is shunning color entirely. Many people have a black, white, gray, and possibly navy color pallet in their closet, which is fantastic and something I admire.

That’s fantastic if it works for you.

But don’t be scared to throw in a couple of colors every now and again because it will give you a lot more options than just sticking to neutrals.

Not Trying New Things

We don’t experiment with new styles, which is one of the reasons we get stuck in a stylistic rut.

We’re like  I know I look nice in v-neck three-quarter-length sleeve tops, and that’s all I’ll ever wear. You get dissatisfied with your closet.

There are a lot of things out there that might look great on you but aren’t exactly what you’re looking for.

Not Dressing For The Occasion

The next fashion faux pas, which not everyone commits but which we’ve all made at some point, is not wearing appropriately for the occasion.

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If you’re not sure how to dress, I believe you should always overdress because it always looks beautiful. At the very least, you can be the most well-dressed individual in the room.

However, you must be careful not to underdress for a special occasion. You should obviously dress for the occasion and be adequately suited, especially if you have to go places and network with others.

Only Wearing Fashion Trends

Some people only dress in fashionable clothes.

But what happens is that they only wear trendy clothes for a few years, then they move on, get a job or have children, and they stop paying attention to fashion. They continue to wear the same trendy clothes from five years ago, and they begin to look dated because they didn’t keep up with the trends.

I enjoy following trends, but I believe that if you wear trendy products, you must stay up with how styles change.

Wearing Athleisure 24/7

Wearing athleisure all of the time is the next fashion faux pas that I commit and have been working hard to avoid.

I’ve discovered that athleisure suits my lifestyle well. If I have to do a lot of running around and dealing with food and other things, athleisure is a great option.

However, I notice that if I stay in athleisure for days on end and rarely put myself together, I begin to feel horrible.

Athleisure has a place in life, but perhaps not seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Too Many Trends in One Outfit

You have a cutout top, cutout ripped jeans, and a fedora, and you’ve put them all together in the same ensemble.

It starts to appear as if you’re trying too hard to look trendy, or as if you’re just trying too hard to look trendy.

I would suggest sticking to one or two trends and then going with classics for the remainder. That’s just my opinion; you may have a different one.

Showing Socks

Putting the wrong socks on your shoes. Your socks should not protrude from your sneakers. They shouldn’t be visible to everyone.

Simply purchase the no-show socks. They’re quite inexpensive. Wear those and no one will be able to see your actual sock, which takes away from the overall image.

Not Removing The Stitch

The next fashion faux pas is failing to cut the thread from your pockets or the back of your jacket or blazer.

Those are only supposed to be on until you buy and own the garment, at which point you must cut them out.

Wearing Clothing That Isn’t Comfy

Get rid of the top if it’s itchy, or if it keeps dropping down and you don’t like having to pull it back up, or if the fabric isn’t particularly stretchy, or if it has any other flaws that make you notice it when it’s on your body.

You are not required to wear it.

Cost Per Wear

The next fashion misjudgment is not factoring in the cost per wear of an item while purchasing it.

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If you buy a $20 shirt and wear it twice, the cost per wear is 10 dollars. You spent a lot of money on that shirt because you wore it twice.

You bought a $100 shirt and you wore it 100 times; each time you wore it, it cost you only a dollar.

Consider how many times you’ll wear an item of clothing before purchasing it.

Impulse Purchases

The next fashion mistake is buying all or most of your clothes on the spur of the moment.

Impulse purchases rarely turn out well. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Shopping on the spur of the moment can leave you with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. If you really want to have a coherent closet, you should be methodical with your shopping, have a list of things you need, know what you need so you’re not distracted by all the shiny things in the store, and actually have a plan for buying.

Spending Money You Don’t Have

Nobody should go bankrupt attempting to be fashionable, in my opinion. It’s unnecessary, and no one should use credit cards to keep up with the current clothing trends or to purchase clothing.

Telling Weird Stories to Ourselves

The next fashion blunder is believing that we can only be fashionable or will be fashionable and stylish if we are slim, have lost five pounds, have had Botox, or have completed the task.

The truth is that you can be fashionable at any size or age; all you have to do is pick clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident.

A lot of it comes from within as well.

Not Investing in Your Personal Style

It takes time to develop a sense of style and to be stylish. It takes a lot of trial and error and a lot of effort to figure out what works for you and what you enjoy.

It’s nice to read fashion magazines, but it won’t help you if you don’t put what you’ve learned into practice.

Not Allowing Your Clothes to Reflect Your Personality

The final fashion mistake is failing to see clothing as a means of moving forward in life.

I truly believe that the way you dress may help you present yourself in the world in the way you want to be perceived.

We’d all prefer it if people could magically see into our hearts and evaluate us accordingly, but that isn’t the case.

This is how we present ourselves; this is what people perceive initially and on which they base their decisions.

Putting oneself together in a way that matches who you are on the inside, or simply the way you want to present yourself, may open a lot of doors in both your personal and professional lives.

Biggest Fashion Mistakes


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