5 Fashion Mistakes Guys Make in The Summer

Fashion Mistakes Guys Make in The Summer

No matter how hot it is outdoors, you want to look sharp, but the truth is that many guys make major fashion mistakes when it comes to their summer style.

In this article, I’ll outline how to avoid doing those mistakes so that you can look stunning even in the hottest temperatures.


Your shirt, specifically the polo shirt and short sleeve button down, is the first item of apparel I want to discuss. Two essentials for any fashionable man’s summer wardrobe.

The biggest mistake most guys make is wearing the wrong size shirt. They don’t get the proper fit.

The majority of men wear shirts that are either too wide or occasionally too small in the shoulders. Your shoulder bone should be where the shoulder seam rests.

The fit in the chest and waist comes next.

If you like the look of baggy shirts, go for it. However, stay away from shirts that are so tight that the buttons are uncomfortable. If you work out frequently and have a solid physique, a well-fitting shirt will highlight your attractive summer figure.

Let’s now talk about  your arms and how the sleeves of your shirt should fit.

Mid-bicep is the ideal length for the sleeves. Longer tends to look sloppy. It just doesn’t look as macho if it’s shorter.

With regard to width, unless you have extremely large arms, most sleeves will fit too loosely. You may either get them tailored or do it yourself.

However, if you have huge biceps and triceps, avoid wearing a shirt that is too tight because it will restrict blood flow. The good fit should slightly hug the bicep without feeling uncomfortable.

Next, let’s talk shirt length.

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The standard recommendation is that a polo shirt or even a t-shirt should sit two to three inches (5-7 cm) below the belt. Button-down shirts can be a little bit longer, but not by much, perhaps three to four inches (7.10 cm) below the belt line.

Here, the general rule is to stay away from shirts that are so short that they expose your midsection anytime you raise your arms. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you know you’re going to want to get that shirt shortened if it ends up looking like you’re wearing a dress.


Let’s talk about a man’s socks, one of the summer fashion essentials that is often disregarded.

You might be thinking the obvious. Sandals and socks are a major style mistake.

You might not be aware of the numerous other sock and shoe faults, though.

Avoid wearing crew-cut socks with shorts, e ven ankle socks. Instead, look for socks that are invisible and show nothing. With a pair of loafers, they look fantastic.

It’s possible that some of you are thinking, “I’ll just go sockless, why spend money on something that nobody sees.”

Here’s the deal.

Going sockless might cause an odor to develop, thus no-show socks are preferable. Trust me. They are reasonably priced.


Shorts are the next item we want to talk as a must-have for your summer outfit. Again, messing up the fit is the biggest sin I see guys committing.

Most guys are wearing significantly too-large shorts. It gives you the chicken leg look.

A fantastic pair of shorts that fits you well should be snug around the entire leg. We’re talking an additional two inches or so of fabric. The amount of fabric is way too much if it is six inches.

These can be adjusted by a tailor if you take them in.

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Additionally, they ought to be snug enough around your waist so that you won’t need a belt to hold them in place.

You might spend a lot of time performing squats in the gym. However, if you’re wearing shorts that are considerably too large in the posterior region, they won’t show that attractive backside.

Make sure the shorts have a proper fit before you buy them. You should perform a few squats because you don’t want to have anything that is too tight and will rip.

The length is a personal matter. The ideal shorts, in general, are ones that sit a few inches above the knee and are going to work you and your body type.


Sunglasses are the next item to talk in a man’s summer outfit.

The main error I notice is that a lot of the guys are wearing shades that are made for a certain activity, like sports sunglasses.

Although you may believe they do, these do not make you look cool. Choose a more traditional style; a classic look generally works for any face shape.

We’re talking aviators.

Look into Wayfarer sunglasses if you already own a pair of aviators or if you want something that stands out a little more. These stand out among other timeless designs that don’t receive as much attention.

Check out Clubmaster if you’re a guy who wants to appear classy but yet stick with a timeless look that will suit a range of face shapes.

Make sure to take good care of and properly store those sunglasses while not in use. We’re not suggesting that you put them on top of your head or put them in your pocket. Have a case that serves as a protective container instead.

Swim Trunks

Let’s not neglect swimwear, specifically your swim trunks, when talking a summer wardrobe.

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You can experiment with colors and patterns freely because your swimwear is rather casual. You are not required to choose only the conservative options available.

For me, neon green speedos are where I draw the line.

Let’s discuss the various styles, and you should pick the one that best suits your body type.

Let’s talk about board shorts first. Board shorts can work for you if you are fit and relatively young—I’m talking about in your early 20s.

However for guys with a dad bod, for men that are carrying a bit of extra weight around the stomach area, you want to avoid them. They are overly long and too loose.

The important thing in this situation is to choose a swimsuit with an elastic that fits you properly in the waist. To ensure a tight fit, you want something with a decent, sturdy elastic around that area.

It may seem contradictory, but some bigger guys find that wearing a smaller swimwear works for them. Simply put, it will fit their physique and remain in place.

You want something to remain in place.

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