9 Men’s Summer Style Tips

Men's Summer Style Tips

Nine men’s summer style tips that will make you look ten times more attractive this summer are discussed in this article.

The best thing about these tips is how simple they are to implement.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Rolling up your sleeves is perhaps the best summertime style tip I can give you.

Roll up the sleeves of your long-sleeved Oxford. Roll the sleeves up on the linen shirt. Roll up your short sleeves on button-down shirts as well.

Not only does this look fabulous and warms the hearts of women just about anywhere, it’s also a good way of keeping you cooler during the warm summer months.

Stylish Shades

Second, invest in a new pair of fashionable sunglasses. Get a nice new pair of sunglasses if you want to improve your style game this summer with your accessories.

Men who wear sunglasses appear more enigmatic, which naturally appeals to women. In certain studies, this has actually been demonstrated.

It simply exudes a very cool guy look.

They are advantageous because they protect your eyes from the sun as well.

If you want my opinion on this, I genuinely detest the way sporty sunglasses look—unless, of course, you’re playing a sport or engaging in another outside activity that calls for them.

On the other hand, white sunglasses ought to be outlawed completely. But that’s just my unassuming viewpoint.

Naturally, getting a pair that you enjoy and that complements your face shape and features is the most crucial thing.

Lightweight Fabrics

Wearing lightweight fabrics can help you stay extremely cool this summer, as advised in tip number three.

It’s crucial to avoid synthetic fabrics wherever possible, especially during the summertime.

When the weather is hot, we definitely want to avoid synthetic materials because they have a tendency to retain heat and moisture.

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Of course, my first choice for a recommendation is linen. If you are one of the people out there without a linen shirt, you need to purchase one.

I’ve been telling my friend for months that he needs a linen shirt, and he just bought one for the first time. He remarked I wish I would have listened to you sooner after he put it on and wore it for a day.

I won’t say I told you, so take this article as a sign to get a linen shirt.

Add Color, Pattern & Texture

Add color, texture, and pattern to your closet as suggested in tip number four.

The best time to enjoy this is unquestionably during the summer.

Because I know some of you really don’t like to wear bright colors, I recommend color, texture, or pattern.

Adding texture may be a very good way to liven up your outfit and make your wardrobe more interesting if wearing a lot of patterns or adding a splash of color isn’t really your thing.

Simply enhancing any everyday outfit with this will make it look more stylish.

These days, I’ve seen texture added to a lot of fairly simple garments, like polos, and it just gives them a really nice, contemporary look that looks great on so many guys.

Chinos Instead of Cargos

Wear chinos rather than cargos, according to tip number five.

I recently took a trip, and when I say that I saw more cargo shorts there than I have maybe ever seen in my life, I’m not exaggerating.

I do believe that cargo shorts have their place and their time. I’m sure many of you adore these. A full bag of raisinets can fit in your pocket. At the airport, I actually saw a man do that.

However, I do believe that a chino short tends to look significantly better and is much easier to dress up than a cargo short to look slightly nicer and elevated.

Wear a Hat

Wear on a hat is number six.

A hat is a really great alternative for days when you don’t want to do your hair or are going to be outside and want a little more sun protection.

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This might be a really cool accessory in addition to shielding your face from the sun. Just be sure to make a hat that is appropriate for the situation and the outfit you are wearing.

You may wish to wear a baseball cap if you’re going to a baseball game. Wear a panama hat if you’re going on a nice summer outing. Whatever you choose, just make sure it works your outfit.

Go Sockless

Going sockless is item number seven, which is the most contentious since I know some of you will freak out.

Going sockless is preferable if you’re wearing a shoe that is a little bit more exposed, like a loafer or an espadrille.

I say this because, oftentimes, these socks that are supposed to be no-show actually do show, especially if you’re wearing a more revealing shoe. The worst scenario occurs when you can see a small portion of the sock line poking through a loafer that is slightly recessed on your foot.

Going sockless in this circumstance is preferable because it simply doesn’t look nice. There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly reach inside your shoe to pull up that tiny no-show sock that keeps slipping under your ankle.

I’ve had that happen to me so many times in the past that I just don’t even try to fool with it anymore.

Put some baby powder in your shoe if you’re thinking, “I can’t go sockless, my feet stink.” This is a miracle worker.

Placing a shoe tree inside your shoes when not wearing them is another thing that might be quite beneficial in this situation. If you put a wood shoe tree inside a pair of loafers, the moisture will be absorbed by the shoe trees. They aid in keeping things clean and odor-free.

Matte Hair products

Utilize matte hair products is the eighth tip.

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Your hair also becomes a little bit more oily during the warmer months.

Use matte, non-greasy hair products to keep things appearing fresh rather than greasy products that will only fuel the fire.

Women currently prefer their hair to be matte and natural appearing, especially in the summer.

You won’t look like a sweaty slob if you use matte products since they will absorb the oil and shine.

You can lead an active summer lifestyle with these products because they have high hold and are restylable.

Deal With Oily Forehead

The ninth tip is for an oily forehead.

I don’t know about you guys, but summertime tends to make my skin much more oily, which is a really common occurrence for many of us.

To aid with this, I like to apply mattifying products. These do not only apply to women. These can definitely be used by men as well.

You can use a toner, a moisturizer that absorbs excess oil, or even keep a compact with some powder in it.

This is a particularly great time to use these mattifying products if you’re a guy who frequently appears on video, whether you’re giving a speech, going to be in a video, or having your picture taken.

However, there are other products available on a daily basis that give you a more matte look, which is ideal for summer.

That’s it for my nine men’s summer style tips that will make you look ten times more attractive.

Men's Summer Fashion Tips


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