Men’s Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Men's Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer means vacations, beach days, backyard barbecues, and trying to impress your coworkers by pretending to play sports.

Basically, you’re going to be spending a lot more time outside in the coming months.

While it may be too late to start working on that beach body, upgrading your wardrobe with the correct pieces to keep you looking nice is never a bad idea.

So get rid of those heavy textiles and dark colors. This summer, I put up a list of my favorite men’s summer wardrobe essentials to ensure that the weather isn’t the only thing that gets hotter.

No-show Socks

To begin, let’s just get it out of the way and say what we’re all thinking: summer is all about showing more skin.

But, before you go out and buy a new mankini, try striding a little lower. I’m talking about showing a pair of no-show socks to show off those ankles.

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Cuffing or hemming your pants to allow for some fashionable ankle exposure is one of my favorite warm-weather style moves.

This is because summer footwear, such as low top sneakers, slip-on loafers, boat shoes, espadrilles, and so on, all look better with bare ankles.

Wearing no socks at all, rather than a distracting pair of colorful or winter socks, will result in painful feet and filthy shoes.

What’s the answer? Socks that don’t show.

No-show socks are a summer must-have for me, and because they are virtually invisible, it doesn’t matter what color you choose.

The most vital factor is that they are comfortable, and that they end below your ankle.

You’ll need to acquire no-show socks that don’t come off while you’re walking because not all of them are created equal. So aggravating!


Do you know what kind of apparel no-show socks should be worn with all of the time?


However, when I say shorts, I’m not referring to pleated shorts, board shorts, or denim shorts and this means cutoffs.

Instead, opt for a pair of flat front shorts, which are essentially a shorter version of an option that will come later in our list, namely chinos.

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When it comes to shorts, I prefer a pair of cotton or linen flat fronts because they are breathable, versatile, and flattering when purchased in the appropriate length and color.

Shorts should normally end somewhere between the top of your knee and two inches above it. You never want to wear something that is overly tight or too baggy since it will be distracting.

Cuffing your shorts is also prohibited. They don’t need to be any shorter than they are, and a cuffed hem on them looks terrible.

You can’t go wrong with traditional colors like navy, light blue, tan, and gray because they mix with almost everything.

I stay away from nautical patterns like anchors since I don’t think they contribute anything to a man’s outfit.


Let’s speak about the next item on my list, chinos, while we’re on the subject of neutral summer pants alternatives.

Chinos are to summer what a pair of dark wash jeans is to winter. They are the pants that truly separate the men from the boys. They should be your go-to pants during the summer months.

Not only are they far more breathable than regular jeans, but they’re also extremely versatile and have a sharp, fashionable, and summery appeal.

When it comes to chinos, my favorite hues are sand, tan, and navy. Gray with a darker green, on the other hand, can look fantastic.

If you already own a few pairs in these colors, feel free to experiment with brighter hues like light blue, white, and even lavender.

The fit is crucial, as it is with almost everything on this list. If you desire a shorter length, instead of having them adjusted, I propose rolling the hem. This way, you can wear them all year. Because once fall arrives, you’re not going to want to leave with these bad guys.

Crew Neck T-shirt

Next up is a nice quality crew neck t-shirt, which should be on any summer essentials list.

Despite the fact that crew neck tees are definitely a summer favorite, I continue to see men wearing them inappropriately.

Let’s start with the colors.

You should choose colors that match your skin color, which usually means avoiding pinks and reds because they are the most challenging to pull off.

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If you’re unsure, go with traditional colors like white, navy, gray, and light blue. If you want to be a little more adventurous, try softer tones like green and purple.

Stripes are also highly fashionable and go nicely with a trendy summer attire.

Keep in mind that many men wear tees that are either too tight or too baggy.

The sleeve should fall at the mid-bicep area, hugging your bicep lightly. Women adore this style.

You should also be able to pinch one to two inches of fabric on each side of your stomach, with the fabric ending somewhere between the upper and mid crotch.

You now have the perfect fitted t-shirt.

Polo Shirt

But what if you’ve been wearing crewneck t-shirts for years and want to branch out? You desire something more fashionable and adventurous.

It’s polo time.

Let’s be honest.

Any guy can throw on a drab old t-shirt, but you’re not one of them.

A well-fitting polo shirt instantly improves any ensemble that would normally be paired with a crew neck top, demonstrating to the world that you take your sense of style seriously.

It basically makes smart casual smart.

You’ll want one in navy and heather gray, with light blue, green, and lavender thrown in for good measure if you want something a little more summery.

White is another option, but it does not suit everyone. If you have a lot of weight in your torso or dark nipples, I would choose a different color because white will draw attention to these regions.

The fit is critical, especially around the sleeves, as it is with the crew neck shirt. I honestly cannot express how attractive a man appears in a polo shirt that delicately hugs his bicep. It makes no difference how big your arms are. They can look fantastic in a well-fitting polo.

Long-sleeve Linen Shirt

Lighter materials are one thing to think about while dressing for warmer weather, and I highly recommend linen for long-sleeve button-up shirts.

Linen button-up shirts are practically built for summer, and once you find one that fits well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you bought one in every color to last you until the fall.

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They look fantastic on their own as well as layered over a crewneck tee or tank top.

The only difference is that linen is a considerably lighter fabric, which can make choosing the perfect color more difficult.

If you have a lot of hair or are deeply tattooed, you should avoid wearing white because your torso will be apparent through the fabric. It’s not a particularly appealing appearance.

Consider this, though. Underneath, throw a t-shirt or tank and wear the white linen shirt as a lightweight shacket, or shirt jacket.

Aside from white, light blue, gray, and navy, as well as pastels like green and lavender, are also excellent choices.

You don’t have to wear a long sleeve linen shirt because it’s summer, but the long sleeves will give you with more sun protection, and you can always roll up the sleeves for a relaxed yet fashionable look.

Swim Trunks

I wasn’t going to put this next item on the list since I don’t want you to wear it all the time, but I suppose it’s a summer must-have, and I want you to get it correctly.

It’s a pair of trunks for swimming.

Just because I placed swim trunks on my list doesn’t mean you have to buy a pair and wear them every day until September.

Instead, think of your trunks as flip flops that should only be worn when you’re near a body of water, such as a pool, a river, or the beach.

It’s also not necessary to acquire a pair that resembles a bag of blazing hot cheetos simply because you can.

Instead, choose for a solid navy, light blue, light green, or classic striped patterns.

When in doubt, opt with a solid color like navy, which fits with almost everything on this list.

Maintain the same fit as your flat front shorts by not going too long or too short.

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