How to Do The French Twist Hairstyle, Tutorial

French Twist Hairstyle Long Hair

In the ever-evolving landscape of hairstyling, timeless techniques intertwine with modern trends, creating a tapestry of versatility and allure.

In this tutorial, we delve into the art of transforming the classic French twist into a contemporary masterpiece. With meticulous attention to detail, this tutorial unveils the secrets behind crafting a tousled high twist—an elegant yet effortlessly chic hairstyle perfect for any occasion.

Unravel the steps to achieving this sophisticated look, get insights into the techniques and products that elevate hairstyling to an art form.

Stephanie Brinkerhoff, a hairstylist associated with Hair and Makeup by Steph, introduces the tutorial.

She explains that the featured hairstyle is a tousled high twist, offering a contemporary interpretation of the traditional French twist.

French Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

Brinkerhoff emphasizes the versatility of the style, stating that it can be either dressed up or down, making it suitable for various occasions.

The process begins with creating volume in the hair by using a curling iron to add soft curls. However, the curls are kept loose, particularly focusing on the ends, to maintain a more relaxed look.

Brinkerhoff demonstrates a technique of starting at the nape of the neck and working her way up the head, combining backcombing, hairspraying with Kenra Volume Spray 25, and misting with Kenra Hot Spray 20 before curling each section of hair.

Throughout the styling process, she ensures that all sections of hair are curled in the same direction to facilitate the twisting process later on and to achieve a cohesive final look.

As she reaches the top sections of the hair, Brinkerhoff adjusts her technique to maintain a balanced shape, focusing on creating a rounded crown.

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Once the hair is adequately prepped, she begins pinning the crown section, leaving the sides separated for the time being.

Additional Kenra product, Volumizing Spray Clay 15, is used strategically to add texture and volume to specific sections, particularly at the roots.

Brinkerhoff then proceeds to twist the hair, ensuring the sides are smooth while the twist itself is tight and centered.

Modern French Twist Updo

To achieve a deliberately undone appearance, she leaves some ends out of the twist and secures the final style with bobby pins.

How to Do The French Twist Hairstyle

Finally, Brinkerhoff completes the look by detailing any loose pieces around the neck and setting the style with a final spritz of Kenra Volume Spray 25.

Easy Faux French Twist



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