How to Dress For a Big Bust (Style Tips)

How to Dress For a Big Bust

So, how to dress when you have a big bust.

I don’t have a very large bust. But as a fashion designer, I work with proportions and silhouettes.

If you have a larger breast, I look for samples of outfits that I think will look good on you.

I’ll show you the list of ideas that I compiled. It’s entirely up to you to decide what you want to keep and what you don’t.

It’s the same idea as one of my previous articles on how to conceal a stomach with clothing rather than shapewear.

Good Bra

good bra

In your case, having a nice bra is vital before you even choose your outfits.

A good bra should wrap well around the breasts, cover them completely, and end up high enough. This is critical in terms of support. You’d like your breasts to be covered.

The shoulder straps should also be wider to help carry the weight without injuring the shoulders. It is really crucial.

Under the breasts, you have correct boning, and beneath the bones, you have an extra fabric, elastic band. That offers a lot of comfort.

This type of bra provides both support and comfort. That’s something I’d keep an eye out for.



Let’s discuss about shirts next.

If you have a large breast, you’re probably aware that clothes never seem to fit properly.

There’s a reason for it, and there’s also a way to fix it.

Here’s a bad illustration of what it shouldn’t look like:


It’s not functioning, and it’s not fitting, even though she doesn’t have a very big bust.

See how the sides between the breasts and the armpits are being pulled? That’s not good, and if I looked at her from the front, I’d probably notice that the bra is tugging between her breasts.

You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you have a huge bust.

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The solution now is to hunt for shirts with darts, such as this one, which is a nice example:


See how the fabric is taken in beneath the breasts and down to the hem level on each side?

“The princess lines” refers to the two lines.

It isn’t your central focus. You don’t have side seams on your sides. It’s right in the middle.

To the center and to the sides, you have the same amount of space.

Because you have this entire line to play with, shirts that are taken in exactly there allow you more space for the bust and are better fitted at the waist level.

As a result, such shirts are more likely to fit you and your curves.

A dart put on the side opposite the breast, from the breast to the side, could be an alternative. It would give you a little less curve, but it could also work.

It is entirely dependent on the size and form of your breasts. Darts can technically be thrown anyplace. You have complete freedom to do whatever you choose. You can even mix and match them. A side dart and princess darts are both options.

The more darts you have, the more tailored your shirt will be.

This is true not only for shirts, but for any  top or dress that’s in a woven fabric.

It does not extend in any way. You’ll need to adjust it to fit you, and darts are the way to go.

how to dress if you have big bust


Now we’ll move on to dresses. A shift dress is a flattering silhouette for you.


Although you can’t see them here, she does have darts on the side.

It’s slightly A-shaped, but not overly so. It’s not exactly fitting at the waist, but it’s quite harmonic in this way, as it seems between the bust, waist, and hips.

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It makes no difference whether the length is longer or shorter. It all comes down to the upper torso.

You might go sleeveless instead of wearing sleeves here.

A little higher-going collar is also an option. If there aren’t any darts, be cautious.

That design might not be suitable for everyone. It all depends on the size of your breasts.

I’d like to mention one form of dress that I believe is ideal for curved figures: the wrap dress, which is often V-shaped.


It’s not tight anywhere. It’s somewhat oversized and asymmetrically tied on one side, with lengths ranging from super-short to floor-length.


If you’re looking for tops, I’d concentrate on two things.

First and foremost, rather than having a thin strap like a tank top, you want the section that lays on the shoulder to be larger. This is an excellent example:


Your breasts will appear smaller in comparison if the area that sits on the shoulder is wider, therefore it’s purely an optical effect. That’s a brilliant trick.

The texture can also serve to divert attention away from the breasts.

Lace or small stitched flowers are great options. I wouldn’t choose large blooms because of the size ratio. I’d stick to little prints with a lot of repetition.



When it comes to knitwear, I prefer finer knits since chunky knits, huge sweaters with cable knits, and other similar items may give the appearance that you are hiding bulk at the bust level.

I’m guessing you want to avoid that as much as possible.

Finer knits win out over chunkier knits.

7 Style Hacks For a Big Bust

It might be difficult to stay fashionable while wearing designs that are flattering to your body shape. Here are seven top style hacks for a big bust.

  1. If you’re looking for dresses with plunging v-necklines, try styles with plunging v-necklines. This lengthens the torso and gives your neck a longer appearance.
  2. There are alternative types you can wear if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a low-cut style. A slim, high-cut shift dress is irresistibly tempting and will follow your contours softly.
  3. Take advantage of wrap fashions. Wrap styles draw attention to your waist and create an hourglass figure.
  4. The same effect may be achieved with shirt dresses that cinch you in at the waist and are easily adjustable.
  5. When it comes to tops, the key is to keep it basic. Ruffles and flounces with a lot of detail will make your bust look even bigger. Instead, locate a lovely pattern shirt and open the top button to create a v-neckline. This simple stylistic tip streamlines your shape by drawing the eye down.
  6. When working with knits, keep the fabric as thin as possible. Thick knits have a tendency to hug you in the wrong areas and add bulk.
  7. Black is the most slimming color, as we all know. Take advantage of this simple approach; just remember to match it with a pop of color.
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style tips for big busts


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