Finding Best Men’s Big and Tall Jeans

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best men's big and tall jeans

I’m going to discuss the best jeans for big and tall men in this article.

Before I go any farther, there’s something you should know.

Every single brand of jeans in the history of jeans has varied sizing and measurements due to a variety of factors that can’t be predicted.

Regardless of your height, stature, or whether you’re big, skinny, tall, or short, you’ll have to put in some effort to get the right pair of jeans for you.

If you’re ordering online or trying on jeans in stores, keep in mind that no matter what your body type is, there are four key features or things to watch out for in terms of how your jeans fit in order to get the perfect jeans for you.

4 Elements to Consider

The rise of your jeans is the first thing that comes to mind. This is measured from the bottom of your crotch to the top of your waistband.

Low, mid, and high rise are the three sorts of rises.

The color, also known as the wash of the jeans, is the second factor to consider.

The cut comes next. That’s how your jeans will fit in the thighs, calf, and ankle areas.

There are a few different types of cuts available, ranging from the tightest to the loosest. Skinny, slim, straight fit, relaxed, and loose are all options. Those are the most common types of outfits you’ll come across.

Every brand uses slightly different terminology, but that’s pretty much how it works.

Finally, keep an eye out for a break in your jeans. When you put your shoes on, that’ll be the amount of additional material around your ankles.

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Breaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There’s a no break, which is when your jeans just brush up against the top of your shoe. Then there’s a slight break, and it’ll rub against the top of your shoe a little more, creating a divot.

After then, there’s a full break, which is a little longer. Then there’s stacking, which is nothing more than a bundle of stuff bunched up at the ankle.

Before we begin, keep in mind that I consider everyone over 6 feet tall to be a taller man.

So let’s get started.


Let’s talk about your jeans’ rise.

You should avoid wearing anything with a high waist because it will make your legs appear longer. The point is, you’re already tall, so your legs don’t need to be ridiculously long.

You don’t want to wear high-waisted jeans even if your torso is longer than your legs. Instead, opt for a mid-rise because it will help to balance you out overall, regardless of whether you have a short or long torso.

Your lower half of your body will be in proportion and balance with your upper part of your body if you choose a mid-rise jean.

You might be able to get away with low-rise, but it’s best to avoid it because it can make your torso appear extra lengthy.

Because we’re all about striking a balance with our bodies, I’d start by looking for mid-rise jeans.


Stick to a dark wash when it comes to colors. That’s going to look great on your body.

I would just stay away from anything that has any type of fading or distressing since it will only draw attention to your legs and their length.

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Again, we want to stay away from anything that would significantly lengthen your legs. As a result, you should stick to uniform washes, especially dark ones.

If you’re on the huskier side, I’d recommend going with a deeper color, such as a dark wash, dark gray, or even black, to slim you down.

I would simply stay away from anything with an extremely light wash because it will draw attention to your thighs and build.

Lighter-colored denim is acceptable, but it must be more uniform. It just cannot have extreme contrast.

You can go with it in terms of rips, and it won’t be a problem.


Now let’s talk about the fit of your jeans.

A slim fit or a straight fit jean will be the best fit.

The reason for this is that it will really bring out the length in your legs. If you choose a skinny fit, you’ll bring attention to your legs’ length, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

Avoid anything with too much of a taper towards the ankle if you’re a muscular or huskier guy, especially on top, because it’ll make you look top-heavy, which you obviously want to avoid.

We want to make certain that we’re balancing you out and that your complete physique is proportionate.

If a manufacturer provides a long fit, don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “I’m obviously tall, so that’s exactly what I need.” Most regular-length jeans, in my opinion, are absolutely acceptable.

Unless you have a compelling reason or are over 6 feet and 4 inches tall, I would not consider a long required for you.

When everything is said and done, the best approach to ensure your jeans fit properly is to be able to pinch one to two inches of excess fabric on either side of your thigh.

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That holds true for your calves as well. You should be able to pinch around two inches for the ankle or leg opening if you are on the slimmer side, but three inches if you are on the larger side.

However, you should be able to pinch on both sides of your ankle between two and three inches.


When it comes to the break in your jeans, choose for a slight or full break.

There are several reasons why you would choose one over the other.

If you’re between six and six three feet tall, I’d advocate going with a minor break, but if you’re taller than that, I’d recommend going with a full break, just to help break up your legs a little bit more and not have so much length at the bottom.

It’s all about maintaining proper proportions.

big and tall jeans for men

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