Denim on Denim Outfit Men (6 Ways)

Denim on Denim Outfit

I understand. You think your denim on denim outfit will make you look terrible.

Have you ever put on a denim shirt or a denim jacket and then realized you couldn’t wear jeans with it?

It’s an old style rule for men not to wear denim on denim, and it doesn’t help that many individuals have tried it and looked like their mom dressed them for the day.

But you can wear denim on denim, and if you follow the tips I’ll provide you in this article, you’ll never be in that situation again.

You’ll know just how to pull a denim shirt or a denim jacket when the occasion arises.

So, how do men do it? Here are a few tips.

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The Light and The Dark

The first is dark and light. Personally, I prefer to wear light on top and dark on the bottom.

For instance, if I’m wearing a light denim shirt from Levi’s, instead of wearing it with light denim jeans, which would clash, I’ll wear it with black jeans.

The black denim and the brightly colored shirt actually complement well together.

Of course, this is a basic tip, but it’s crucial if you’re trying to pull off the double denim look. Because wearing light denim and light denim is extremely hard to pull off.

In fact, I would stay away from it entirely because light denim and light denim leave a lot of potential for error.

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You could, on the other hand, wear dark denim with dark denim, but it’s still hard to pull off. I’m not saying you can’t do it; I’m just warning you to be cautious.

If you’re going to wear the same color denim throughout your outfit, make sure the denim is exactly matched.

Go Monochrome

The second piece of tip is to stick to monochrome. So it’s simpler to pull off black on black denim than light denim on light denim.

Here are two examples of men wearing double denim in a monochrome look.

how to wear denim on denim is denim on denim okay

I’d wear black denim on top, black denim on the bottom, and a white or grey t-shirt to keep things simple.

Different Shades

Experiment with different shades to complement your figure as the next tip.

If you want to appear slimmer, for example, go for darker denim shades from top to bottom.

Keep things lighter on top and dark on the bottom if you want to draw more attention to your upper body.

Similar Shades

Let’s take it a step further and wear two hues that are slightly different shades of the same color.

I suggest wearing something really dark underneath your denim jacket or a striking color to execute this off properly.

This will create a visual contrast between these two very similar denim shades, making it easier to discern how the wash differs.

Wearing contrasting shoes, such as an all-white sneaker or a pair of brown leather or suede boots, might also assist break up the contrast even further.

Mix It Up

You can choose between a light top and a dark bottom, or a dark top and a light bottom. Personally, I prefer to go lighter on top or go completely dark.

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However, you may experiment something different by going lighter on the bottom. If you’re going this path, I recommend starting with a lighter pair of shoes, then switching to lighter denim with a light but contrasting shirt, and finally going darker on the jacket.

How You Wear It

The next tip is to focus on how you wear it. When I wear a double denim outfit, I attempt to make it look as natural as possible. Whether it’s a shirt or a denim jacket, I like to roll the sleeves up.

Keep your accessories to a bare minimum, but utilize them to give detail to your outfit.

The rest of your outfit should be simple. You don’t want to overcomplicate the outfit, so the double denim will do the work for you.

So, if you want to pull off double denim, pay close attention to how you wear it, because if it looks like you’re trying too hard, if it looks like you’ve planned your outfit by saying, “I’m going to wear this denim jacket with these jeans,” then sometimes it takes away from the effect of actually pulling off a double denim look.

In The End

If you’re going to wear it, do it with confidence and pay attention to the tips I’ve provided in this article.

I understand that this isn’t for every man, but if you’ve invested in a denim jacket or shirt and want to wear it, it’s good to know that you can. You’ll be able to wear denim on denim if you only follow these steps.

You’ll look fantastic if you follow these tips. You’ll look dreadful if you don’t follow these tips.

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Denim on denim outfits are easy to mess up, but they’re also simple to pull off when done correctly, and I went through a few simple ways to do it in this article.

The most foolproof technique is to utilize two obvious contrasting hues, which is especially good for guys who are just starting to experiment with double denim. A light blue denim jacket, for example, with a pair of white denim jeans. Or a black pair of jeans with a light blue denim shirt.

Never do the exact same wash of denim. This is also known as a Canadian tuxedo.

You don’t want to match everything. However, I will make an exception for going full black and, if possible, using different textures when doing so.

Denim on Denim Men

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