How to Look Dressy in Jeans (4 Steps)

How to Look Dressy in Jeans

The first step in dressing up your jeans is to make sure they’re correctly framed.

What exactly do I mean?

Allow me to explain.

The concept of framing is to surround an item with elements that complement it in terms of color and shape.

One of the secrets of framing is that it may transform an ordinary object into something extraordinary.

What is the connection between all of this and jeans?

The answer is simple.

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Take the perfect pair of jeans and pair them with the right accessories to make them look dressier than they are.

In this article, I’ll show you how to dress up your jeans quickly and easily.

Let’s talk about what kind of jeans you need to be able to obtain before we go through all the stuff you can use to frame your jeans and dress them up to take them to the next level.

Types of Jeans

All jeans are inherently casual, and some washes and fits will not respond well to being dressed up.

These are the styles to avoid if you want to be able to dress up your jeans.

Extreme fits, whether they’re too tight or too loose and baggy.

Extreme wear, anything that appears to be worn out, and with holes.

Extreme washes, such as a stone wash, should be avoided.

Understand that brighter colors, while they can be dressed up, especially in the summer, should be avoided since they are more difficult to dress up in general.

So, where do we go from here?

Dark-colored denim, well-fitted.

When I say well-fitted, I’m referring to a thin or straight cut. As long as it looks well on your profile and complements your body.

Indigo, black, gray, dark blue, dark green, and maroon are examples of dark hues. These colors are a lot simpler to dress up than lighter ones.

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Let’s begin by upgrading your footwear, which is the foundation of your frame.

If you’re wearing running shoes, upgrade them right away with some nicer sneakers.

A pair of leather sneakers is far more stylish than a pair of athletic shoes.

However, sneakers and casual shoes will only get you so far. Bring in a pair of dress shoes if you really want to go all out.

I’m not talking about black Balmoral Oxfords; I’m talking about something a little more stylish, like a brown or oxblood color.

However, you should use a pair of dress shoes that will complement the dark indigo. Consider a pair of double monks.

Not a fan of dress shoes? You want something a little more practical, a little more durable, perhaps for use in bad weather? Look for a traditional pair of boots.

If they’re too plain for you, dress up your denim with a pair of broguing or polish-style boots. Simply put, these are a classic pair of boots. These will make your denim seem better.

Do you dislike the gleam? Isn’t that a lot of work? Then there’s suede. Many firms are producing suede boots that are genuinely weather resistant, making them easy to wear and maintain.

Brown suede boots will look great with black. They could even be able to work with a gray. They’ll provide a pop of color and make that denim look great.

When it comes to boots, denim, and upgrading your style, the possibilities are unlimited.


Wearing the proper shirt with your jeans is the next step in dressing up your denim.

T-shirts are fashionable. I enjoy Henleys, and v-necks are great, but they don’t do anything to upgrade your denim look better.

Instead, opt for a shirt with a collar. Dress shirts, button-down shirts, and polo shirts are all casual choices.

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The following step, bringing in a lightweight stylish jacket, may seem obvious, but few men do it.

It looks great with jeans and a maroon jacket. In comparison to the indigo, a chocolate jacket provides a good contrast. I can wear a light gray jacket if I want more contrast.

The mix of green and blue is really fantastic. Perhaps not for everyone, but I enjoy it.

Of course, you don’t have to go for suede; a classic brown leather jacket will suffice. Consider the contrast; it elevates the entire ensemble.

Can you make a sports jacket and jeans seem good together?

You certainly can.

I came up with the following combos.

Let’s start with the blue on blue combination. “Oh no, don’t do that,” some people remark. I think it’s fantastic because you’ve got a variety of materials with varied qualities and textures.

Blue denim looks great with a blue flannel jacket. That’s a great combo. Introduce a pattern if you wish to add some interest. It’s a nice mix that’s simple to put together.

A brown sports jacket pairs well with the same colored denim by adding a touch of lighter color and a higher contrast. This mix appeals to me. It’ll be more casual than the darker, more solid colors. The jacket’s contrast goes well with the denim.

So, how about gray? Gray coats are fantastic since they go with everything. They have no color.

If I wanted to go for a more formal look, I could go with a somewhat darker gray jacket.

If you prefer something different than a sports jacket, a sweater jacket is a good option.

We’re sticking with gray this time because it goes with so many different outfits.

The general atmosphere is quite relaxing. It goes well with denim.

You might also wear a dark blue single breasted sweater jacket. The blue denim will not clash with this. No one will believe you’re trying to put together a suit mix here because denim has a different consistency, appearance, and overall feel.

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They’ll simply think it’s attractive.

Is there anything else to wear if it’s too hot for a sweater? Consider a shirt jacket.

A shirt jacket is a very light jacket constructed from shirt cloth and designed to be worn over a shirt as an outer layer. Another wonderful way to dress up your jeans and take them to the next level is to wear a shirt jacket.

Dark olive green is one of my favorite colors. The overall style will set it distinct from the rest of the coats on the market.


Let’s not overlook the importance of accessories. Take those light jeans and pair them with a linen shirt with a lovely collar, as well as a cap.

Boom! You’ve elevated it to a new level.

Why not try a wool tie? Although not as formal as silk, it will level your jeans and look great with the proper shirt combination.

And, of course, don’t forget to wear a stylish watch. Whether you go with an inexpensive diving watch or a daily wear with a square case. This will help to boost the entire ensemble.

How to Look Stylish in Jeans

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