How to Buy Perfect Size Jeans (Men’s Jeans Buying Guide)

How to Buy Perfect Size Jeans

In this men’s jeans buying guide, I’m going to talk about how to buy perfect size jeans for your age and body type.

When it comes to jeans, remember to dress for your body, not the body you used to have or the body you wish you had.

When it comes to denim, there are specific styles and sizes that are better suited to different ages and body types.

The purpose of this article is to assist you in finding the perfect pair of jeans, regardless of your age or body type.

This is a guide that I’m presenting. You may wear any type of jeans at any age and with any body shape as long as they fit, but will they look good?

That is what I am attempting to assist you with. I want to make sure you avoid some of the most common blunders so you can look your best.

Let’s start by establishing some ground rules.

Jeans Are Casual

Dress jeans do not exist. Jeans can be dressed up. They go well with a sports jacket. They look great with a blazer. Guys in Texas tuxedos have been photographed wearing a tuxedo top, a cowboy hat, and boots.

However, this does not imply that the jeans are a dressy item. Recognize that wearing jeans will always make an outfit more informal.

Lighter Color

When denim is lighter in color, distressed, or has holes intentionally punched in it, it becomes even more casual.

They’re stylish jeans, but they’re still really casual.

The Perfect Fit

Make sure you’re wearing the proper size for your body type. This body type thing is far more important than age. If you have the body for it, you can carry off a younger style as an older man.

However, if you’re a younger man without the body for that younger style, it won’t look well. You want to make sure that the jeans you’re wearing complement your physique.

Age Rules

Next, we’ll go over the age restrictions. They’re far more relaxed, and it all boils down to societal standards. There are just different expectations for older and younger men. Younger males have a lot more freedom to try new things.

That being said, if you have the confidence, clout, and just don’t care because you’re an older man, have fun and wear anything you want.

Put on a Belt

This second rule should go without saying, but you must wear a belt when tucking your shirt into your jeans, regardless of your age.

Key Measurements

The next rule is to be aware of your critical measurements. In general, there are two measurements when it comes to jean sizes. The waist and the inseam are obvious.

Buying jeans would be simple if they were the only two measurements that mattered, but there are many additional factors to consider.

First and foremost, understand that the waist measurement is not the same as the true waist measurement. The number 32 does not imply a waist measurement of 32 inches. In actuality, it depends on the brand’s style, but you’ll see that it’s a vanity measurement. Generally speaking, a 35-inch waist wears a 32.

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The inseam is a little more precise, but it can still be off by an inch. The outseam and rise, on the other hand, are what you should pay attention to.

These are really significant because many men do not consider them. There will be a lot of low-rise jeans on the market, which are ideal for younger males. For older men, it’s a little more difficult to wear.

If you’re an older man, you might want to consider something with a mid-waisted cut.

Higher-waisted jeans aren’t for everyone, but if you don’t have a lot of butt or are a little older, it might be the style for you.

Last but not least, there are the thigh measures to consider. Something that a lot of guys are unconcerned about, but is crucial.

Do you like to spend your time squatting? You’ll want to choose a type that has more room in the thighs and buttocks so that you can fit into them and not tear them when you’re in the squat posture.


Let’s not forget about the material. Denim comes in a variety of properties. But one thing to look for is whether it’s made of cotton, synthetic material, or a combination.

Blends are fantastic, in my opinion. They’re fine if they’re made entirely of cotton. You should never use anything that is 100 percent synthetic.

But why would you want to aim for anything like that in terms of the blend?

Because of the stretch and the performance. Many guys, especially those who want something that fits a little tighter, desire that stretch to avoid any tight areas.

Why would you choose cotton above anything else? It appeals to a large number of men.

Jeans were traditionally constructed of this material. This is what you’re going for if you’re going for one of those higher-end salvage-type pants.

Let’s get into the details now.

How to Find The Perfect Jeans Size

Example 1 – 21 Year Old Guy

Okay, if you’re curious, I’m 21 years old. I’m a student looking for the most flattering jeans for my body type.

So, here’s the deal. If you’re 21 years old and a student, you’re probably in the best shape of your life.

So, at this moment, I’m not advising you to get skinny because it’s clearly out of style.

However, if you ever wanted to be skinny, this would be a viable option.

That said, I believe slim-fit jeans will be an excellent decision for you. If you’re on a tight budget, Levi’s, Uniqlo, H&M, and Old Navy are all fantastic options.

What about the loose-fitting jean trend? I’m not suggesting go overboard here, but if you enjoy the look, if it feels comfortable to you, if it works for you, and even if you have a slimmer body build, go ahead and try it.

As a young man, this is the moment when you want to try new things. At this age, you don’t need to dress for your body type. You can dress more freely to express yourself and simply have fun with it.

When it comes to looser cuts, I believe that every man should have a pair of well-fitted dark denims in his closet, so at the absolute least have that.

But, once you’ve got that basic piece, don’t be afraid to play around with it, perhaps going with something a little more faded, a little more of a different hue, or something distressed.

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If you’re truly strapped on cash, check out thrift stores and consignment shops. Don’t be frightened to get your hands on something used. It’s one of the most effective methods for bucking the trend. You might be able to acquire anything for pennies on the dollar if you uncover something that was popular 30, 40, or 50 years ago.

Example 2 – 36 Year Old Man

We’ll go on to the 36-year-old man next.

You’re into motorcycles, you enjoy leather jackets, and you’re just trying to achieve that style. It’s something you adore.

In this situation, dark denim — black, dark blue, indigo – is the way to go. You could even use a dark green or gray.

You want something that’s highly functional because you’re going to get grease on these things and they’re going to get dirty.

And you put them on for the occasion. You’ll also want something that fits you better so you can get on and off the motorcycle more easily.

You don’t have to go for a full-on boot cut when it comes to a boot cut, but you can go for a boot cut.

I believe it works because you frequently wear boots to protect your feet while riding your bike. You want something that’s also going to be a little bit heavier, something that can protect you from road rash.

Example 3 – 61 Year Old Gentleman

The 61-year-old silver fox is up next. He appears to be much younger than his actual age, and he takes good care of himself. He’s a bit of a hoarder. He is passionate about automobiles and mentors a number of younger individuals in the community as he expands his enterprise.

I’m going to say now that you should have fun with your jeans. As your hair grays and you become older, your complexion lightens a little bit (it doesn’t always have the same color), you can start to experiment with your denim.

Colors such as a deeper crimson or a brighter blue can be introduced. There are simply a plethora of choices available.

Your testosterone levels are most likely lower than they were when you were in your twenties. It is something that will have an impact on the contour of your leg muscles. Your buttocks can be a tad smaller.

Low-waisted jeans are something you should avoid at all costs. You’ll want something with a waist that’s at least mid-rise, if not a touch higher. Something that is appropriate for your body type.

Example 4 – 41 Year Old Guy

We’ll go on to the 41-year-old businessman next. You’d like to be able to dress up your pants. You want something you can wear to work while also leaving your jacket at home and going out with your kids on the weekends.

Simplicity will be the key with your jeans in this situation. That dark blue, that indigo, is what you want to go with. You could also go for black, but to make it work with a variety of other items in your wardrobe, you should keep it simple and uncomplicated.

Make sure you don’t try anything out of the ordinary.

Don’t go to extremes when it comes to the fit. Don’t aim for a really loose fit, and don’t go for a tight narrow fit. Instead, go for a slim fit if that suits your body type.

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If you’re a little heavier, try the 59s on Levi’s for a looser fit. You may also go directly to the straight cut, which I believe is fantastic, especially if you’ve gained 10 to 15 pounds around your stomach. The straight cut will still look great.

Having said that, I still like tapered cuts because they are more likely to work with shoes. Dress shoes, in particular, but also sneakers, are appropriate.

They can work with the straight cuts and the looser cuts, but I think there’s a little too much surplus material down at the bottom. However, if you wear boots or have somewhat larger shoes and chose to dress them up that way, it can work.

Levi’s offers a wide range of those designs, but Lee is a good alternative if you’re looking for something a little less pricey. Wrangler is perhaps a touch too casual for you, but you can find some possibilities there.

Banana Republic offers some really nice jeans, and I appreciate that they have a little stretch to them as well.

Gap is going to be a little less expensive. They’re not as good as the others, but they’ll do the job.

Uniqlo always seems to get things right. It’s also worth checking out if you have a store nearby. Check out A.P.C., AG, or Naked and Famous if you’re on a tight budget.

Brands of Jeans

Levi’s is always a good choice when it comes to brands. If you have a little extra money to spend, though, consider AG. A fantastic firm for men over the age of 50, and perhaps even consider A.P.C.

What about the gym shark, a 26-year-old?

I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. You go to the gym every night and every morning.

You’re gaining a lot of weight. You enjoy putting money into your body, and it shows.

However, those thighs make it extremely difficult to find a pair of jeans that fits you both in the waist and the leg region, because every time you put on a pair of jeans that fits you in the leg area, you have about five inches of additional room in the waist.

So, what are your options?

You might take it to a tailor and get it altered, or you may look for a style that fits your body shape.

Starting with Levi’s, you have 501s, 508s, and 541s, which often work well for athletic men.

You should look into Wrangler’s superior comfort fit. Check out the athletic fit jeans at Old Navy as well.

We have Lucky Brand 410 athletics in the mid-tier. Take a look at their 363 classic straights as well.

Jeans Buying Guide Men


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