Jeans For Office Outfit Men

Jeans For Office Outfit Men

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This video provides tips on how to dress up jeans for the office without violating the dress code.

The host suggests that the best shades of jeans for the office are dark wash, indigo, selvage, raw, or black. He advises viewers to avoid any fraying or distressing on the jeans, as these are signs of unprofessionalism.

To style the jeans, the host recommends adding one to two pieces of tailoring, such as a dress shirt and an unstructured blazer.

He explains that this will balance out the casualness of the jeans and create a well-balanced outfit. The fit of the jeans is crucial, and the host suggests focusing on the rise, break, and avoiding sagging around the crotch area.

The host recommends adding smart shoes, such as loafers, double monk strap shoes, or brogues, to dress up the jeans. He suggests choosing darker hues, such as dark chocolate brown or black.
Accessories such as a belt, watch, and bag are also recommended, with the belt matching the shoes for a polished look.

Overall, the video provides practical advice on how to wear jeans to the office in a professional and stylish manner, while still adhering to the dress code.

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