5 Big Bag Trends For 2024

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bag trends 2024

An article by W magazine highlights the return of practicality in bag trends for 2024, focusing on woven styles, larger bucket bags, twisted lady bags with modern twists, oversized statement pieces, and the revival of briefcases for a stylish and practical approach to the modern work culture.

Early adoption of these trends is recommended for fashion-forward individuals.

Bag Trends 2024

Woven Bags

Materials like straw, leather, rope, and raffia in intricate patterns and loose textures. These sophisticated versions bring a playful beachy energy to more elevated occasions. Versatile styles suitable for both cocktail and casual occasions.


Bucket bags, often associated with the 1970s, make a comeback in larger sizes and luxurious materials. – The sculptural shape of these larger bucket bags adds impact to the trend.

Twisted Lady Bags

Classic top handle purses get a modern twist with soft lines, intriguing details, and playful constructions. – A departure from traditional designs, adding a sense of fun and uniqueness.


Embrace the “go big or go home” mantra with comically oversized bags blurring the line between tote and weekender. Designed for women with a busy lifestyle and multiple places to be.


Briefcases, traditionally with a masculine energy, get a practical and stylish revival. Ideal for the modern hybrid work culture, providing a fashionable alternative to backpacks for carrying essentials.

Source: www.wmagazine.com

bag trends 2024

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