How to Match Handbag With Outfit

How to Match Handbag With Outfit

I’m talking about handbags here. I will help you in selecting a handbag that complements any outfit.

How to avoid some of the styling mistakes that women commonly make when wearing handbags.

Whether you are an avid handbag collector or merely use your bag to store your wallet, keys, and phone, you will undoubtedly find this article to be of great value.

Let’s find how to match a handbag with an outfit.

Right Handbag For Each Occasion

Making sure you are styling the appropriate handbag for each occasion is my first and most crucial piece of advice.

Making the wrong handbag choice may rapidly ruin an outfit.

Let me give you an illustration.

If you are going out in the evening, perhaps on a date with your husband, and you are wearing a lovely evening outfit, nothing will ruin that outfit more quickly than grabbing your large everyday tote bag.

As an alternative, you should accessorize that with a sweet tiny clutch or maybe a cross body bag with a chain strap.

The same may apply if you have your workout attire and are going to the gym. These luxury tote bags are undoubtedly inappropriate for a gym outfit. Instead, select one that is appropriate for exercising.

If you’re in the office, the same thing can also apply. The bag in question might be great for going to work, but it might not be ideal for casual everyday outings.

To ensure that you choose the ideal bag for each outfit, it is crucial to pay attention to the style of bag you are wearing as well as the occasion.

Include a Pop of Print or Color

My second tip is to add a pop of print or color to your handbag to match it with your outfit.

This is a great fun way to spice up any outfit.

Adding a pop of print or color through a handbag is a really fun way to add some interest to an outfit if you are wearing something that is extremely neutral or even monochromatic.

That might be anything from a pop of red in your handbag to a stunning blue color or if you have a signature color like pink. Particularly when I’m wearing a pretty monochromatic neutral outfit, I love to add a pop of pink.

A pop of color can even be another neutral. Imagine you are dressed entirely in black. You might complete the look with a neutral handbag, perhaps in camel or even white. It’s incredibly pretty to add some interest to that look.

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You can also use some prints for this. That may be a tote with a checkered pattern. When you’re wearing a lot of solid colors, those are great.

Just adding a small bit of print to your bag is a simple and fun way to add something fresh and fun to your outfit and make it a little bit more exciting and intriguing.

Pay Attention to Size

Another crucial handbag styling tip is to make sure you’re wearing the right size bag for your stature and body type.

Make sure that proportions are something you’re truly paying attention to. especially if you are a small person.

If your tote bag is too big, it may give the impression that you are carrying luggage rather than a handbag. The same may also apply if you have a larger frame or are taller and carrying a very little bag. You may even appear bigger as a result.

This does not imply that you must always carry something very large, like a large tote bag, if you are taller or have a larger frame.

Simply put, if you have a clutch, you should avoid the smaller models in favor of a somewhat larger model. One that will actually keep your proportions in check.

When you pay attention to the size of the bags and the size of your body, it will complement your body shape and frame.

Consider The Season

My next tip is to consider the season while choosing the perfect handbag for any outfit.

We definitely wear softer, lighter hues, some pastels, and even florals during the spring and summer. Also, we frequently use lots of blacks, browns, and deeper darker colors during the fall and winter months.

We also wish to take this into account while selecting our handbags.

A black handbag will do more to ruin a lovely soft floral summer dress than anything else. It just doesn’t work well. Simply said, it’s not the best option.

Your foolproof selections when mixing them with these soft pastels and gentler hues in these seasons will be some softer shades, such as whites or light blush tones, as well as a variety of summary style bags.

With these deeper, darker fall and winter tones, you can really create the perfect looks if you have your black bag, your dark brown tote, or some burgundy or some cognac colors.

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That does not preclude the possibility of some overlap.

I adore winter white, so you might occasionally be putting together a monochromatic look and you might be able to wear those handbags all year.

However, in general, you’ll want to make sure that your handbag collection includes some seasonally appropriate options for spring, summer, fall, and winter that actually complement those clothing selections.

Consider The Print

Another simple tip that you should definitely keep in mind is to pair a patterned outfit with a solid-colored bag rather than a printed one.

Combining a printed bag with an outfit that features florals, polka dots, stripes, gingham, or plaid can really make the prints clash and compete with one another.

Instead, styling your patterned outfit with a solid-colored bag will make it stand out, whether it’s a dress, top, or skirt. Your bag will continue to be only a complementary accent to your overall ensemble.

Even though mixing those prints together is a very rare occurrence, going a solid bag will almost always guarantee that your outfit looks put together and stylish.

Don’t Use Cheap Materials

Avoiding handbags that look extremely cheap is another thing that is crucial when choosing the perfect handbag for an outfit.

I’m not saying you have to shell out a lot of cash for designer luxury handbags. Avoiding materials that give your bag a really cheap look is what I’m talking at.

It’s really simple to do this throughout the spring and summer.

Because handbags made of materials like wicker, straw, or rattan will essentially look the same whether you paid hundreds of dollars for them or bought them on sale for twenty dollars.

Those are excellent selections because nobody will know how much money you spend on your handbag. It won’t appear cheap; rather, it will appear quite lovely and fashionable.

The same is true for substances like canvas. There are some fantastic canvas bags that don’t really differ much from the canvas designer handbags that cost thousands of dollars.

Avoiding fake leathers that appear to be made of plastic, ones that are very hard and polished, and instead looking for things that are a softer material, that look more leather-like or even like a pebbled leather, is a good way to examine the material being used in a handbag.

Being particular with the materials you select will give your handbag a finer, classier, more beautiful look and prevent your outfit from looking cheap.

Avoid Trends Without Thinking

Another styling advice I may give is to avoid mindlessly following fashion trends. You must carefully consider your lifestyle.

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Consider about your own sense of style. Sometimes those trends could be hot, and you might feel pressured to purchase some of those handbags.

But more often than not, you’ll find that you’re not actually wearing them because they don’t fit your lifestyle or don’t really go with the clothes you’re wearing.

Instead, keep in mind that while some of these trends are great, others are better left for other people and only purchase those that you can base your wardrobe around.

It is a lot better option than simply adhering to such trends without thinking, no matter how hot they may be at the moment.

Have a Nude Handbag

Have at least one nude handbag in your collection as my last piece of advice for matching a handbag with an outfit.

In reality, depending on your own preferences, this might be any style of handbag. That might be a crossbody bag for some of you, a shopping tote for some of you, a handheld bag for some of you, or a satchel for some of you.

I like to have one of each because I appreciate nude. It is perfect in my opinion.

Nude is going to work all of your possible outfit color choices, which is why I advise it.

This is your go-to bag for everything when you’re unsure of which bag to combine with an outfit, whether you’re wearing darker tones in the fall and winter or lighter shades in the spring and summer.

I have a particular bag that goes great with just about everything and is excellent for travel.

We always bring a variety of daytime and evening clothes when we travel. However, we don’t want to have to bring along numerous handbags.

You will benefit much from going a simple nude handbag in a style that you truly like and tend to lean toward.

No matter what you decide, make sure your handbag collection includes at least one nude.

does your handbag have to match your outfit?


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