Old Money Bob Haircut

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Old Money Bobs

Old Money Bob is a trendy bob haircut inspired by the “old money” aesthetic. The old money aesthetic celebrates traditional, luxurious styles favored by dynasty babies like Blair Waldorf. It differs from quiet luxury by incorporating a vintage vibe alongside subtle chicness.

Popularity and Influence

The old money aesthetic has gained popularity on TikTok with over 12.5 billion views. It’s associated with traditional pieces from heritage brands like Christian Dior, Hermès, and Ralph Lauren. The aesthetic has influenced hair trends, particularly bob haircuts.

Old Money Bob Brunette


Golden Globes Influence

Bob haircuts were prominent on the Golden Globes red carpet in 2024. Nominees like Greta Lee and Cailee Spaeny showcased stylish interpretations of the old money bob.

Characteristics of the Old Money Bob

It emphasizes the classic bob shape with extra attention to condition, shape, and volume. The hair is kept glossy, the cut is immaculately blunt, and there’s added bounce. Top London hair stylist Suzi Angelina describes it as timeless, effortless, and modern, with voluminous body and shaping for a classy bounce.

Suitability and Maintenance

The ‘old money’ bob suits those with a polished and grown-up aesthetic.  Requires immaculate maintenance and attention to detail. Not suitable for DIY cuts; professional maintenance essential.

Haircut Recommendations

Length should suit face and proportions, ideally between collarbone and jaw. Side or middle parting recommended based on face shape.

Styling Tips

Use a large round ceramic barrel brush for volume and smoothness. Dyson Airwrap or similar tools can achieve the look more easily.  Volumizing hair products and styling tricks can enhance body and bounce.

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Future Trend Projection

The old money bob is predicted to trend throughout 2024. It’s favored for its combination of classic shape with modern polish and bounce.

The old money bob offers a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary style. It’s a versatile haircut that adds sophistication and flair to any look, making it a popular choice for 2024.

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