Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Wet Balayage Technique

Are you craving a bold and vibrant change for your hair? Look no further than the captivating world of vibrant red hues achieved through the artful technique of wet balayage.

Here we delve into the intricacies of achieving that sought-after dark cherry coke red shade using the innovative wet balayage method with Kenra Color products.

This video shows us how to create an expensive and vibrant looking red highlights on dark hair using a wet balayage technique. The video breaks down each step, from preparation to styling, providing detailed insights and expert tips along the way.

Whether you’re a seasoned stylist seeking to refine your skills or an adventurous soul ready to transform your locks, come along as we embark on this hair transformation adventure together.

Introduction: Mirella Manelli introduces the tutorial, expressing the goal of achieving an expensive red shade using the wet balayage technique with Kenra Color products.

Client’s Desires: The client seeks a dark cherry color with more vividness and dimension, extending the color to the roots for a vibrant dark cherry coke red.

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Preparation: Before starting the application, the client’s hair is shampooed and conditioned. Kenra Platinum Pearl Detangler, a leave-in conditioner, is applied to add slip and maintain hydration.

Lightener Application: Kenra Professional No Ammonia Lightener, mixed with 30 volume developer, is used on wet hair. The wet hair softens the cuticle, aiding in blending and achieving a soft brightening effect without harsh lines.

Red on Dark Hair

Application Technique: The lightener is applied in horizontal zigzag partings, ensuring thorough saturation and maximum blend. A detangling brush is used for surface painting, and handwork is emphasized for seamless blending.

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Benefits of Wet Balayage: Wet balayage offers benefits such as quick application, soft blending, and aiding in color correction by breaking up harsh lines of demarcation.

Wet Balayage Brunette Hair

Product Benefits: The Simply Blonde No Ammonia Lightener, used in the process, is fragrance-free and formulated with Dual Bond Complex for protection and hydration. It provides up to eight levels of lift and spreads easily on damp hair.

Application Continuation: The application continues with the same horizontal zigzag pattern, with emphasis on maintaining consistent blend and brightness throughout the hair.

How to Put Red Highlights in Dark Hair

Customization: The size of zigzag sections is adjusted based on the desired level of diffusion and dimension. Smaller subsections are used towards the top for increased brightness.

Highlights: Highlights are added strategically, keeping them slightly behind the background hair to avoid a noticeable grow-out. The goal is to achieve a natural ribbon effect or blended look.

Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Processing and Aftercare: After completing the lightener application, the hair is allowed to process for about 45 minutes at room temperature. After shampooing and conditioning, the final color melt root formula is applied, followed by processing for 30 minutes.

Styling: The hair is styled using Kenra Color Protecting products and blow-dry techniques, including Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray and Kera Volume Mousse 12, to preserve color vibrancy and add structure to the curls.

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