How to Wear a Cardigan Without Looking Frumpy

How to Wear a Cardigan

Here, I discuss a cardigan, one of my favorite items of clothing.

I wear a variety of cardigans, but sometimes it can be difficult to style them.

Cardigans come in a wide range of shapes and lengths, so you might be wondering how to avoid looking frumpy when you wear one.

I’m going to give you some advice on how to wear cardigans in the most fashionable manner while still looking fantastic.

Different Lengths

The first piece of advice is to experiment with the three cardigan lengths.

The typical short cardigan is the first one. You also have a cardigan that is mid-length and will fall just over your mid-thigh. Furthermore, you have a duster cardigan, which is pretty anything that extends past your knee.

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You may lean toward one cardigan length over another depending on your stature or body shape.

Just experiment with them all to see which one you like the most.

Avoid duster cardigans if you’re petite, and avoid short cardigans if your body shape is more apple-shaped.

All three of these cardigan lengths are appealing to me. Really, it just depends on the style I’m going for that particular day.

The mid length is what I naturally gravitate toward the most. This is due to the fact that I find it quite easy to wear; I can get away with wearing most of my jeans with shoes or sneakers at this length. Compared to the duster, I usually feel that I need to heighten my body a little bit more.

Therefore, it is entirely up to you, and the only way you can truly determine which you like is to try them all on.

Style of Cardigan

When shopping for a cardigan, the style of the cardigan is the second thing to take into account.

When I refer to style, I’m referring to some of those small features, like pockets versus no pockets and rounded versus straight edges.

I’ve discovered that I’m fine with very little, streamlined pockets, almost like a faux pocket, or no pockets at all.

I make a real effort to stay away from anything bulk. This is so because the majority of women do not want to widen their hips or thighs.

You may wish to look for a bigger pocket if you are someone who is quite skinny and you want to add some width there.

How streamlined the cardigan is should also be taken into consideration.

I adore a basic, straight-cut cardigan without extra frills or bulk. That, in my opinion, is one of those things that looks great on virtually every body type.

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When you try on cardigans, you should pay attention to the small details, such as whether the bottom is streamlined or has curves.

Avoiding the waterfall cardigans is an easy method to avoid looking fluffy. Although they are really pretty, the extra fabric and material adds bulk and weight to your body, especially where it hits.

No matter your body—whether you’re petite or have a broader frame—I would recommend staying away from waterfall cardigans entirely.

The one thing I would advise is to be careful where the hemline hits since some cardigans do have rounded hemlines.

You may like to get one that is a little longer, perhaps a duster length, if it gathers just around your hips, which is a slightly larger portion of your body.

Consider how much it flares out as well, as this will also increase the width of your body.

Right Underlayer

The next piece of advice is to wear a more form-fitting underlayer to avoid looking frumpy when wearing a cardigan.

You might not even wear this outfit by itself without a cardigan. Perhaps you feel a bit too exposed. However, they look great when worn with a cardigan. With the cardigan, you’ll have an additional layer on top to cover some of the exposed parts.

But when it’s more form-fitting, it reveals more of your figure. Having clothing that is very loose and baggy only adds more weight to your frame.

Grab those more fitted tank tops, camis, and t-shirts. A great optical illusion while wearing cardigans is to make sure you tie and tuck in any looser-fitting tees to give yourself that lovely silhouette underneath.

If you want to try wearing something a little bit more body conscious, cardigans are great. If you put on a lovely long cardigan or a duster over one of those body-conscious, form-fitting dresses, it may look quite elegant and flattering even if you don’t feel fully comfortable wearing it alone. Or by putting on a belted dress.

Make sure that the dress is fitted to your body if you’re going to wear a cardigan over it. This can be done by belting the dress or by changing the material to show your waist and shape. And then just skimming over it with a lovely cardigan is just a fantastic way to put together an outfit with a cardigan and not look frumpy.

Sizing and Fabric

The fourth tip is regarding fabric and sizing. Not too sloppy cardigans are what you want to look for.

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These are especially popular among younger girls, who love large cardigans. For us older women, nevertheless, you’ll probably discover that a cardigan that is a little closer to the body will look more attractive.

You should probably size down if you decide on an item made of a little heavier material. I frequently experience this for myself, particularly when I find those long duster cardigans.

I usually find that going down a size gives me a somewhat more fitted, streamlined appearance.

Additionally, paying close attention to the fabric.  Having a lot of weight or being bulky is not what you desire. Although you may want to curl up with it since it is so cozy and comfortable, your body will gain weight as a result.

If you want to look more thinner and sleeker, you could wear anything that is really thin, sleek, and possibly has some form of ribbed material.

Check The Arms

The next tip is all about paying close attention to the arms. Make sure that the fit is great around the arms.

Make sure there isn’t an excessive amount of bulk or material that is cinching up around the arms.

Additionally, raise your arms as you put on the cardigan. Make sure there isn’t a “bat wing” effect. They cannot see your genuine silhouette when you raise your arms because of the curving effect underneath, which only adds weight to your body.

Don’t just put it on; turn around and assess your overall appearance. Also raise arms. It is quite important. It will significantly alter how the cardigan fits and appears on you.

One of the things I’ve learned about wearing cardigans and blazers is to pay attention to the shoulder seams, especially if you have somewhat wider shoulders.

The shoulder seam positioned at the shoulder or just right below the shoulder, but close to your true shoulder, is going to be much more flattering than a drop shoulder.

My upper body simply becomes wider when I wear a drop shoulder, which is the opposite of what I’m going for.

A drop shoulder can be a good option for you if you have very narrow shoulders and wish to improve your hip balance.

However, you absolutely want that shoulder seam to be at your shoulder if you don’t want to expand your shoulders or look bigger on top.

Show Some Skin

My next tip is to show some skin when wearing a cardigan. The neck region is what I’m referring to.

If you are wearing a turtleneck or a really high round neck shirt with a cardigan, you will find that it definitely gives off a frumpier appearance.

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However, if you wear a v-neck, scoop neck, camisole, t-shirt, or any other type of top, you’ll really open up this top area and find it to be lot more attractive and youthful.

Exposing your neck and shoulder region significantly helps your neck. Due to the fact that you are exposing the smallest portion of your body, your collar bone, which contains all of its delicate portions, is displayed.

You may try wearing a scarf with your cardigan, but it will only make you look heavier and bulkier and make you look frumpy.

If you’re going to wear a scarf, avoid any layering, rolling, or tying tricks and instead choose to wear it such that it hangs on the side in front.

The Proper Shoes

The next tip I have is to pay attention to the shoes you are wearing with your cardigan.

A highly fashionable cardigan can look frumpy if you’re wearing the incorrect shoes. I like to wear my duster cardigans with booties or high-heeled shoes to really elongate my legs and give my body shape more length.

If you have a very tall frame, you might be able to get away with not wearing those and instead choose to pair your cardigan with a flat shoe.

I find that my short and mid-length cardigans provide me a lot more options. I can wear those with boots, high heels, booties, sneakers, and flat shoes.

Just make sure you’re experimenting, playing, and looking critically at how your body shape appears in that style of cardigan and whether you might need to add a little bit of height to streamline your body.

As a result, I frequently seek for cardigans that are mid-length or shorter because I usually wear flats and sneakers in my day-to-day activities. However, to add drama to an outfit for the evening, I love a long duster cardigan.

When you pair it appropriately, it truly does make a difference. If I were to wear that really long duster with a pair of sneakers, I would have taken something really lovely and fashionable and made it look a little frumpy on me.

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