How to Dress For Thick Legs (9 Tips)

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How to Dress For Thick Legs

If you have thicker legs, this article will provide you with nine clothing tips to help you look your best.

Let’s get right into the hacks on how to dress for thick legs.

Avoid Ankle Straps

Avoid ankle straps if you have thicker legs. The ankle straps are typically quite thin. If your calves are larger and your knees are thicker when you are wearing a thin strap, the dramatic contrast will only highlight your thicker legs.

You could be thinking something along the lines of how about bigger ankle straps. It might make things worse! Because bigger straps draw even more attention to your ankles.

Wide ankle straps are one of the worst shoe choices for short women with thicker legs since they really make your legs look cut off.

Straight vs. Skinny

It’s important to pick the appropriate silhouette for both your pants and your jeans.

Although I adore skinnies, the leg shape is not the most forgiving. When you wear skinny jeans or skinny pants, they cling to your bottom. Your legs are exposed exactly as they are.

They are not going to be of much use to you if your legs are already fairly thick.

The straight leg shape is returning to fashion as the skinny trend fades. For those of us with thicker legs, the straight leg is a gift from heaven.

Its volume will produce a more balanced look. However, this volume is not overwhelming, so even if you are shorter, you can manage it and appear more balanced.

Go A-line

The A-line is going to become your best friend. The a-line silhouette is what you should always look for in a skirt or dress.

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If you have thicker legs, these are a gift from heaven. This gives you the best of both worlds because the silhouette is fitted on top and flares out under your waist.

It elongates your waist and, because it doesn’t cling to your bottom, hides your midriff.

Go Wide Leg

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you choose to wear wide legs? That only makes my legs appear to be much bigger.

Here’s the thing.

If you wear pants with wide legs, the pants themselves will be wide; nevertheless, if the pants are made of flowy fabric, you will find that these pants are actually one of the most flattering styles for women who have thicker legs.

It flows down smoothly and does not cling to your thighs or butt. It falls straight from your hips.

Make sure your wide-leg pants have proper weight and aren’t made of stiff fabrics. If your legs are thicker, this will give you the most stunning and well-balanced silhouette. It makes no difference if you have thicker knees, calves, or thighs.

Wear Heels

If your legs are thick, heels are almost always an excellent decision. When you wear heels, your legs look longer and thinner because their vertical length is increased.

Block heels are the most flattering choice for your figure because of their slightly larger width, which provides you with more support. They are more comfortable to walk in and, from a distance, they make you appear to have better balance.

However, while many of us adore stilettos, they can create a stark contrast if your legs are thick. These heels are so thin that if your legs are thick, they may make it look even more obvious and unbalanced.

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Hemline Matters

Your hemline is very critical. This refers to the length of your dress or skirt. It’s important because wherever your hem finishes, it draws attention to that part of your legs.

Therefore, wearing a short skirt will highlight your thighs if you have thicker thighs. If you don’t want it to happen, you should go a little further and cover up that part.

How to Choose Shorts

Let’s chat about summertime shorts.

I was questioned a lot about this subject. Which shorts suit me best if my legs are thicker?

There are two important guidelines to follow.

The length of your shorts comes first. This is important because, if you have wider thighs, wearing shorts that are too short will probably make you feel self-conscious because you’ll think your legs are entirely exposed.

You should choose the length that will make you feel the most comfortable. You want it to go over the part of your thighs that is the widest.

You probably don’t want very short shorts because they will only make people focus on your legs the most.

The second factor is how tight your shorts are.

This is quite critical.

If I wear shorts that are more baggy, would my legs appear even bigger, you might be wondering.

Similar to wide-legged pants, shorts with space in them really look better on women with thicker legs.

The most unforgiving look for women with thicker legs is to wear shorts that fully cling to your sides and your legs, like skinny jeans.

Midi Skirts

Going with midi lengths is quite alluring if your legs are thicker. Midi, though, can be very challenging.

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A lot of the midi skirts are long and end at your calves. You should pay close attention to where your midi skirt ends if you have thicker calves.

You generally don’t want to choose a length that hits at the widest part of your calves because it will once more bring attention to that region.

Therefore, you should aim higher than that or just go longer and get a maxi skirt.

The Right Fabric

Although they are frequently disregarded, fabrics are an important part, especially if your legs are thicker.

Anything overly clinging should be avoided. If the material is particularly elastic, like the leggings are, they will absolutely cling to your lower half. They’re not very forgiving.

On the other side, if your fabrics are stiff, your bottom will appear even more clumsy. So you should avoid having stiff fabrics.

While it may lessen the visual impact of your thicker legs, it also gives the impression that your entire bottom is larger than it actually is.

You want to pick fabrics with the ideal balance of weight and structure. You want to choose a fabric that is thick enough to keep its shape without adding extra bulk to your lower half.

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Dressing Thick Legs

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